10 Things We Don’t Know About Ka Bino, Cebu’s Best Heritage Interpreter

Yes! He’s got quirky stuff, too!
posted on: Saturday, March 15, 2014

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He is tall and he seemed snobbish. That was my first impression when I first saw Cebu’s best heritage interpreter at an event. Although it may sound like cliche, first impressions don’t really last if you get to know the person.

Eventually, we were introduced to each other after many events have passed. I finally knew his name and he finally knew mine. It even took more than one year before we realized that we had a single degree of separation–he was a friend of my Aunt Alice.

Yes, he is still tall but I don’t see him as snobbish anymore. I have also grown fond of him. In celebration of his birthday, which falls every 15th of March, I present to you things we didn’t know about Ka Bino until today!

10. He was bitten by a dog when he was barely one year old, yet he is a dog lover.

Ka Bino’s christening

9. He is fond of collecting signed books from local authors.

Ka Bino the bookworm!

8. As a kid, he had to walk four kilometers to reach school, two kilometers early in the morning and two kilometers to get home.

In Escuela Catolika

7. He suffered a respiratory disease at a young age, which nearly snapped the life out of him!

Baby Ka Bino

6. Having been born in a sugar plantation, he worked in the sugarcane plantation when there’s no school.

Bino feeling chinky

5. In the two schools where he attended college, he worked as a library assistant.

Ka Bino loves Google +

4. He admits that he hated copying the notes written on the chalkboard word for word. He jotted down keywords instead.

Why so serious?

3. Back in 1996, he moved from his hometown in Negros to Cebu. He landed his first job in Rustans as a store clerk then as a dish washer in Cebu Plaza Hotel.

Standing proud at Magellan’s Cross

2. It was a listener of the radio station DYAB who appended “Ka” to his nickname Bino. At first he was reluctant because there was yet another “Ka Bino”(Sylvino Clamocha, a spokesman for NPA) but he learned to love it eventually.

Don Bino

1. He bagged the second spot in the accreditation exam of Kapisanan ng mga Broadkaster ng Pilipinas (KBP) back in 2009.

feeling courageous

Happy candle cakes day, Ka Bino! Where’s the party?

*All photos taken from Ka Bino’s Facebook account.