10 Action Movie Clichés That Suck Big Time

Here are some hilarious and stupid clichés you always see in Pinoy action movies.
posted on: Friday, September 19, 2014
Kevin Maglinte
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During the 70s, 80s and 90s, action films dominated the silver screen here in the Philippines. Sadly, the action genre isn’t as hot as how it used to be.

Though Pinoy action movies are cheesy and over the top, nothing can beat the classic FPJ fight scenes or Lito Lapid gun fights that defy the laws of physics.

Yet with all the these amazing classics, there are few if not many clichés that are unbearable to watch so I listed some of them:

1. The bida is always a renegade cop on the hunt for justice, or a good siga living in Tondo or an ex-convict who had a change of heart.


2. The kontrabida is either a corrupt politician, a leader of a drug syndicate or a corrupt cop or a misbehaving siga.

3. There are always illegal drugs involved in the story.


4. Don’t forget the epic speech before a beloved one dies.

5. One good guy vs a hundred thugs.

6. The Tagay Scene!

7. Female protagonist is always kidnapped and detained in some abandoned warehouse.


8. The bida is always beaten early in the fight but then suddenly he rises up and beats the bad guy.

9. The bida always has a screw-up sidekick that somehow helps him save day.

10. The police always arrives late after the bida saved the day.


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