10 Actors Who Play The Same Roles On Screen

These people always play the same roles in TV and movies. Are you getting tired of it?
posted on: Monday, June 2, 2014
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Typecasting in the entertainment industry can be one hell of a black hole.

If an actor or actress plays the same role in every TV show or movie, chances are, they will be stuck in this role throughout their acting career.

There are only two outcomes when this happens, either they always get the main role or they are stuck being the sidekick of the star.

So here are some of these people who will always be remembered by the same role they always play on screen:

10. John Lloyd Cruz – The Man Who Woos Back his Woman


Aside from being usually paired with Bea Alonzo, John Lloyd’s role is always that guy who gets the girl, but then gets left midway through the story. This might be typical in a Filipino romantic movies, but his role is always memorable when he tries to woo back his estranged girlfriend. He’s a master of this craft, and in fact, his most famous movies are about him wooing Sarah Geronimo that took so long that it spanned into three movies and might get another sequel.

9. Jolina Magdangal – The Girl Next Door


She’s always that wholesome bida who never commits any wrongdoing and always fantasizes about her crush. Jolina Magdangal may have played the same role in every movie she starred, but many young Filipinos can relate to her role, especially to her songs such as “Tameme” and “Laging Tapat”.

8. Ruffa Gutierrez – The Classy Woman

Along with Gretchen Barretto, Ruffa’s usual role is the sophisticated, English-speaking woman who works in a big company. She’s fit for her role though, since she’s a tall, a beauty queen, has a Cebuana mom (Cebuanos are better in English than Tagalog, right?) and had a foreigner husband.

7. Coco Martin – Rags to Riches through Parentage


Coco Martin is a talented actor, but it’s a waste if he keeps playing the bida who turns out to be the son of a rich family. He has been in several top rated TV dramas such “Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin” and “Walang Hanggan”, where he plays the stereotypical role. His current drama, “Ikaw Lamang”, is turning out to be this one again. Jeez, writers and producers, please give him another defining role.

6. Paquito Diaz – The Action Movie Kontrabida


As if his face isn’t menacing enough, his mustache makes him look more terrible. Paquito Diaz has worked numerous action stars such as Fernando Poe Jr. and Robin Padilla. Of course he’s always gets literally beaten by the bida, it was pneumonia who ultimately took away his life on March 3, 2011.

5. Maricel Soriano – The Feisty Woman

Even in real life, Maricel Soriano can be described as mataray. In movies, she’s always seen as a strong woman who can defend herself against the slaps of kontrabidas. She’s never mahinhin, and maybe it just doesn’t fit her. She is dubbed as the Diamond Star for her numerous critically acclaimed films and acting awards, but she’s best remembered for her mataray roles.

4. Dolphy – The Mistaken Old Man

The King of Comedy, Dolphy’s films involves the veteran actor getting chased by someone, usually a policeman (oftentimes, it’s Babalu), who mistakes him for doing a wrongful act or something he accidentally did. Dolphy is best known for his comedy where he slaps a rolled newspaper on someone’s head. Among his most popular comedy are “John En Marsha” and “Home Along Da Riles”.

3. Vic Sotto – The Serious Comedian with a Young Lover


Vic Sotto always delivers his punchlines with a serious face and a deep voice. Maybe it’s the reason why he’s able to hook young girls – girls half his age. And it’s not just in the movies, his girlfriend in real life is younger than his daughter, Danica Sotto. Though his movies contain the same formula, they’re always box office hits. Filipinos do love Vic Sotto.

2. Fernando Poe Jr.

Cine Suerte Films

FPJ, as we fondly call him. He is dubbed as the King of Philippine Movies or Da King in short. In his 50 year long acting career, we always remember him as the badass policeman who serves justice by literally beating the bad guys and delivering astig lines. Though this kind of role is stereotyped in Filipino action films, no actor could match FPJ’s charisma. Since his death, no action movie has been successful but I recommend everyone to try On the Job (starring Joel Torre, Gerald Anderson and Piolo Pascual).

1. Lilia Cuntapay


Enough said, I’ll just leave it here.

Many actors and actresses are stuck with their roles and Filipinos just keep on patronizing them.

We always remember them in a single, one-dimensional role in a one-dimensional movie.

Is it because they are just untalented actors and actresses?

Or maybe they just need a bigger break?