10 Actors Vs Real People They Portrayed In Film. Yay Or Nay?

Let’s compare which actors really looked like the one they portrayed in film.
posted on: Wednesday, October 15, 2014
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Every once in a while, the Philippine movie industry releases biographical films of Filipinos who had interesting or tragic life. They usually hire popular actors and though they don’t really look like the person they are portraying, they just compensate their shortcoming through their superb performance.

What do you think of biopics? Is it worth the watch?

Here are some actors who portrayed real people in a film:

1. Lito Lapid as Lapu-Lapu

todosabongga.blogspot.com | Manuel Panares

Actor-turned-Senator Lito Lapid portrayed the first Filipino hero in the film Lapu-Lapu in 2002. The film is famous for having more than 3000 actors in the battle scene.

2. Nora Aunor as Flor Contemplacion

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Flor Contemplacion was a domestic worker in Singapore who was in death row for the murder of a fellow domestic worker. Her execution strained the relationship between the Philippines and Singapore.

Nora Aunor portrayed Contemplacion in the 1996 movie The Flor Contemplacion Story.

3. Jericho Rosales as Manny Pacquiao

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Yay or nay? For me, Jericho Rosales is just too handsome so it’s nay for me. ABS-CBN should’ve hired Manny Pacquiao to portray Manny Pacquiao.

4. Cesar Montano as Jose Rizal

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At the time of its release in 1998, Jose Rizal was the most expensive Filipino film with a budget of 80 million pesos.

5. Ruffa Gutierrez as Maricris Sioson

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was a Pinay entertainer in Japan (known as Japayuki). She suddenly died reportedly due to hepatitis. When her body was sent back to the Philippines, her family found mysterious bruises and stab wounds. Her death is still a mystery until today.

Ruffa Gutierrez portrayed her in the movie Maricris Sioson Story: Japayuki in 1993.

6. Eddie Garcia as Alfredo Lim

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So far there are 4 biographical films about Alfredo Lim. This 1995 film, Alfredo Lim: Batas ng Maynila stars Eddie Garcia as the titular character.

The other three are: Alfredo Lim (1977 film starring Rudy Fernandez),  Target: Police General – Maj. Gen. Alfredo S. Lim Story (1990 film starring Bong Revilla) and the most recent, The Turning Cradle: The Untold Story of Alfredo Lim (2013 starring Cesar Montano).

7. ER Ejercito as Emilio Aguinaldo

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Despite receiving critical acclaim, the biopic El Presidente only earned 20 million pesos. To put that into perspective, its budget is reported to be a whooping .

8. Laurice Guillen as Cory Aquino

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Laurice Guillen portrays President Cory Aquino in the 1988 Australian film A Dangerous Life. Although the film was mainly shot in PH, some scenes were shot in Sri Lanka due to political and legal pressures from Juan Ponce Enrile who didn’t like the way he was represented in the film.

9. Rudy Fernandez as Ping Lacson

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Rudy Fernandez without his signature moustache doesn’t look like Rudy Fernandez. He portrayed Ping Lacson in the 2000 movie Ping Lacson: Super Cop.

10. John Arcilla as Antonio Luna

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John Arcilla portrays the general in the upcoming film Heneral Luna to be released in 2015.

Which biographical films have you already watched?