10 Alarming Signs Your Ninong Won’t Be Giving You A Christmas Gift

Where are you, ninongs!?
posted on: Friday, December 13, 2013
Chris Wayne Comendador
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Christmas is a season of gift-giving. All your preparations for being nice and good all comes down to this one day of celebration and gift-giving. And guess what? You won’t even get a gift from your ninong.


Here are 10 signs that will show you whether or not your ninong will be giving you your Christmas wish:

1. He has this status on his Facebook timeline!


2. He has not asked you about what you want this Christmas.


3. He travels abroad for a business trip two weeks before Christmas.

4. He talks a lot about gifts he gave you in the past Christmases.

5. And his expenses, too!


8. And gradually becomes insensitive.


6. He does not reply to your personal messages.

7. After few months, he sends a smiley.

9. And days before Christmas, he gives you shit about not reminding him you asked for a gift.

10. Then he tells you his next year’s gift is gonna be great.

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