10 Amusing Cat Gifs That Will Cure Your Monday Blues

Are you cat person?
posted on: Monday, May 5, 2014
Kevin Maglinte
My Good Man, this heathen calls himself "Magz" as if his own name wasn't good enough. He claims to own these titles "Web Developer Baller" and a "Social Media Ho". It appears that this ruffian has also a talent in digital art.
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Mondays sucks big time, we all know it by heart.

Everybody loves cat except my boss – he hates cats.

Which makes me wonder, how could you hate this adorable feline.  

So to cheer you up I’ve prepared some hilarious cat gifs for your viewing pleasure.

Keep in mind that this has no story whatsoever.

It’s just random gifs of cats to keep your mind free of all that stress you have in you.


Wake up, and you’ll realize it’s Monday.


The perfect way to ease that annoying feeling you have in your gut.


Then roll like a boss.


What it feels like when there’s a gum in your shoes or “tae”.


Your reaction when your boss saw you facebooking (is it even a word?).


Stop messing with someone or else receive karma in a form of a shark.

Dumb actions that we shouldn’t have done but we did it anyway. “Ayaw lageh pataka og simhot” 


 Every body loves balloons even cats


 People being people and cats being a karate master, “Isog mo?”

So there you have it, did I cure your Monday blues?

No? Huhuhu

What’s your favorite?