10 Annoying Things We All Experience When Riding A Jeepney

Daily commute is more fun in the Philippines!
posted on: Saturday, October 4, 2014
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I know most of us commute via jeepney in our daily lives. And I also know we all have a fair share of good and bad experiences when it comes to riding our favorite public vehicle.

Just like these:

1. When the konduktor fooled you into entering the already full jeep…

jeepney meme

@MgaPinoyPatama via Twitter

2. When you just want to punch the driver in the face…

annoying jeepney driver meme

grabbed from Twitter

3. When you encounter a scumbag passenger…

jeepney annoying experience

@MgaPinoyPatama via Twitter

4. This!!!

driver meme

PeyupiMemes facebook page

5. This profound quote by Manong Drayber…

manong drayber quote

@august21rush via Twitter

6. “100% Smoke Free”

scumbag smoking driver


7. When you try to pass the fare and no one’s there…

jeepney woe


8. It’s always like this!

scumbag driver meme


9. When you’re sitting in front, prepare for the worst…

annoying jeepney experience

via Google Image search

10. When you’re already very late and then this happens…

jeepney driver meme


10 isn’t enough for the list… I know we have countless complaints when riding a jeepney but life goes on for us!