10 Annoying Things Teens Do During A Mass

Maybe the Church needs to change its ways to catch these teens attention.
posted on: Thursday, April 17, 2014
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Attending the mass this Holy Week is a Filipino tradition.

The church mass is fine until some teens start monkeying around and commit unimaginable crimes.

Catch these people in the act and help uphold the solemnity of the mass.

10. Passive participation


They just sit there, doing nothing and staring blankly into space. They don’t do the mass gestures as if they haven’t eaten for weeks. These teens are zombies and must be put down.

9. Pretending to listen to the priest


These kind of wannabe actors just go to church for the sake of going there. The biggest giveaway is how their eyes are drooping as if they’re about to sleep and nodding at the wrong time while the priest preaches the gospel.

8. Sleeping while sitting

screepcap from youtube

I admire these people who can sleep while they sit. LOOK how they open their mouths while doing so. Kapal ng mukha!

7. Peeping Tom


They look to the left, they look to the right. If there’s a hot guy or chick they turn their eyes bright. There is also a special case when some wear sunglasses to avoid detection. Don’t think you’re not one of them.

6. Chat with besties

screepcap from youtube

These guys act like they haven’t seen each other for a long time. Ignore the priest, let’s just talk about how I didn’t drink my milk or how I didn’t take a bath.

5. Text-text pag may time


What the hell is wrong with you people?! Might as well call your lover if texting isn’t enough! Get out!

4. Ignore and Play


Hardcore, so hardcore. Most of them just stay outside because they’re late and the church is full. If you won’t give your attention to the mass, then don’t stay there and play Angry Birds, go home and eat your supper!

3. Full mouth


Staying in the back and eating chichirya, these people should be put to jail and shove in their mouths a bucketful of spoiled meal and let their bowel movement sing a song of their people.

2. Leave early


So you find the mass boring? Then go on, leave. Make sure to not come back and give up your faith. You should join Brod Pete and his ‘Ang Dating Doon’ fanatics.

1. Show off their new clothes


The biggest offenders – these annoying, despicable people who think the church is a catwalk where they can show off their newly bought ukay-ukay or their makeup to cover up their pimple-ridden faces! Argh!

Gotta go, my high blood pressure is rising and this is bad for Holy Week.

If you are offended, just write in the comments.