10 Appetizing Food You Can Find Along The Streets of Cebu (Part 2)

posted on: Saturday, May 17, 2014
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You guys were kind enough to provide some suggestions for the part 2 of this series ().

Anyway, here are some appetizing (depends on your stomach) ready-to-eat food you can find along the streets of Cebu.

1. Puso


Known as hanging rice, this one can be found anywhere in Cebu especially in barbecue stands. Puso symbolizes the Cebuanos’ (and Pinoys in general) love for rice. The palm leaves that cover it adds a fragrant aroma that makes it more appetizing.

2. Budbud


Wrapped in banana leaves, budbud is one of Cebu’s finest delicacies. It’s usually made of pilit (sticky rice) and steamed until it’s ready to serve. There are other varieties though, like budbud kabog which is made of millet and budbud balanghoy which is made of cassava.

3. Bibingka


I always meet bibingka vendors near the Mandaue Coliseum, dili jud ni sila mawala. Anyway, bibingka is a rice cake usually served during Christmas season but it’s available anytime of the year.

4. Sinugbang mais

flickr, by barefootinthesky

It’s another way of cooking corn. It’s cheap and ready to serve. If you’re tired of munching the old-fashioned boiled corn, try this one.

5. Pintos


Pintos is a part of the house. Wait, no, I’m not referring to that. Pintos is a sweet delicacy made of ground corn savored with milk and some yummy ingredients I know not of. To whoever invented this food, a two thumbs up for you. 10/10 would definitely buy some when I have money.

6. Biko


Another delicacy made of pilit. It’s like chocolate made of rice. Be sure to have this one as a pasalubong especially on Holy Week.

7. Manggang hilaw

Jun Belen Photography, junbelen.com

The usual street food you can find near school campuses. Manggang hilaw is a hit among students. Partnered with hipon, this one will tickle your tastebuds.

8. Pungko-pungko


Pungko means to squat, describing the way the patrons eat in a pungko-pungko (though you don’t have to squat, you can sit). There’s a variety of food you can choose from the table like chorizo, ngohiong and bola-bola (meatballs). It’s cheap because you don’t need a spoon and fork to eat, you just use your hands, kinawboy style.

9. Siomai


Siomai is… well… a Chinese dish. It tastes like beef loaf but it’s made of ground pork. It comes in small, bite-size nugget that you can pick using a… toothpick. You may also read along the streets of Cebu about Siomai sa Tisa… asa man na dapita ang Tisa?

10. Tuslob Buwa


If you don’t want to grow old then you should definitely try this! Yeah, because you’ll die young when you get a variety of diseases from this one like heart attack or stroke from high cholesterol food.

As its name suggests, you dip (tuslob) your puso in a cauldron of sizzling (nagbuwa-buwa) pig fat, brain and innards (maybe human body parts are included, I don’t know).

The best part is that you’re not alone, you go dipping with strangers and gangsters.

Appetizing street foods abound in Cebu.

Dili ta mahutdan og lamian nga pagkaon.

Just be sure to wash your hands!