10 Appetizing Food You Can Find Along The Streets of Cebu

Om nom nom nom nom nom.
posted on: Tuesday, December 10, 2013
Rodel Montebon
Katkat, katkats everywhere.

Go taste these street food. They’re worth it, I assure you!

1. Fish ball and tempura


They don’t taste like fish at all. But dip those into both spicy and sweet sauce. You’re welcome!

2. Kwek kwek


Tasted any quail eggs lately? Yep, those tiny balls are quail eggs.

3. Banana and camote cue


Ahhh, the 3 o’clock snacks. Surely, any student would advice you to buy one!

4. Adidas


So you’re out of food for your party or drinking session? Try these. They are cheap! Also, the crispiness is mouth-watering (if you deep-fry it, of course).

5.Food in a barbecue stand.


My God, do I have to convince you to dine in one stall if you have a chance? Those grilled meats will do the convincing.



No, don’t be convinced by the “ewwws” of your friends. Aside from its tastiness, it will give one a different kind of energy (if you know what I mean). It’s duck egg, by the way.

7. Taho


Yep, it can be described with something white (its not milk), sago, and the sweet brown thing. When you taste this concoction, indescribable. So don’t just ignore the ‘tahoooooooooooo’ when you hear one.

8. Puto and sikwate


If you have the banana cue and camote cue in the afternoon, warm your morning with this pair.

9. Mani


Mani sold in the street is not boring. You’ll have a choice on what type to buy: salty, sweet, and normal.

10. Dirty ice cream


Tasted the 50-peso ice cream? For sure, it can’t beat with this one if you are in the middle of the street on a very hot day.

Have you tried them all?