10 Awesome Drone Shots During the Cobra Energy Drink IronMan 70.3 Philippines 2014

Feel the high!
posted on: Monday, August 4, 2014
Kevin Maglinte
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You have probably heard about the Cobra Energy Drink IronMan 70.3 Philippines that happened last Sunday, right? No? Really?

Wow, I’m quite surprised. Anyway, here are the 10 best aerial photos courtesy of .

But before browsing over the pictures, watch this video of our exclusive drone coverage of one of the Philippines’ prestigious international sporting events!

1. Technically, this isn’t an ordinary photo. It is a GIF. I’m actually cheating here, but this is so awesome!


Almost 360 degrees of the IronMan venue

2. A bird’s eye view of the starting area for the swim phase before the race started.


3. And there goes the Pros, the CEOs and the Filipino Elites hoping to conquer the 1.9-kilometer swim and be the first out of the water.


4. Those in the next waves followed in just minutes until all of the more than 2,000 athletes had begun their race.


5. See the more than 2,000 bikes checked in at the transition area. If we are to sell them, how much do you think all those bikes would fetch? A close to a million may not be too far out.


6.  After getting out of the water, triathletes trooped to the transition area to get their bikes and ride out from Lapu-Lapu, to Mandaue, Cebu, Talisay and back for a total of 90-kilometers.


7. An aerial view of the swim and transition areas of the race.


8.  Dolphins? Nope, triathletes.


9.  The finish line wherein anyone who crosses it can brag for life.


10. We end this listicle with a higher view of the finish line, hope you enjoyed the drone shots!