10 Awesome Things You Can Do to Make You Feel Happy Almost Immediately

Because manic Mondays deserve to be extinct!
posted on: Monday, December 16, 2013

Lifestyle Geek

Today is a manic Monday and we all know what most people feel.

“Gosh, I have work. I wish I am still in the beach right now.”
“This traffic’s killing me!”
“I wanna stay comfy in my bed!”
“I haven’t had enough fun with my weekend parties!”



Before we’re going to list every little whining we could possibly imagine, let’s make a complete turn around and think of things that will help us feel good!

1. Be filled with gratitude.

I might sound like your mom, but you are a lucky person if you are reading this article. Why? Because you have a computer. You have electricity. You have a home. You have clothes on. You have food. You’re in a coffee shop and drinking your favorite coffee blend. The rest of the entire population are starving.

Get the picture?

Write on a piece of paper the things you are thankful for or write a letter, text, and email to a person that you are thankful for. People who are practising gratitude tends to increase their happiness level by 25 percent.

2. Give with a happy heart.

Spend your money to buy a present and surprise them. You can even buy a full meal and give it to the man who lives in the street of your neighborhood.

3. Move that ass!

This can be summarized in one word. EXERCISE!

4. Put on happy vibes!

Play that favorite music of yours and let it send you to Cloud 9!

5. Do something with friends!

Plan an after-work dinner with friends and anticipate the fun you’re going to get while you’re still at work.

6. Map out your life.

Make short-term and long-term plans for your life and I am very sure you are going to anticipate them in a good light.

7. Do the things that you’re good at.

If it’s making other people laugh, assisting your boss to accomplish a goal, or lending a helping hand to your colleagues, do your signature strength and enhance it. It will definitely make you feel good!

8. Write three good things that already happened today.

This will fill your heart with gratitude and we know now what gratitude can do to us.

9. Wander in Cloud 9.

Do a positive mental time travel. In simple words, make a happy daydream!

10. Think of your life and take away something good that happened.

Just imagine if you were not able to finish your studies because your father’s business collapsed or zombies conquered the world when you were still in high school. Your life as you know couldn’t have been impossible.

What thing in this list would you do first?