10 Back To School Worries We All Face

posted on: Tuesday, June 10, 2014
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Are you worried of school?

Do not fret, everything will be fine if you don’t mess up with your grades.

Getting high grades is the most important, everything else is just a fleeting piece of torture machine, they’ll all pass.

So here are the things you should definitely NOT worry:

1. Finding your name on the list


Back in elementary we all have experienced having to find our names on the list posted on front of classrooms. We always worry about:

“Is my best friend (or crush) here in this room?”

or if you go to a public school:

“Does this classroom have a roof?”

2. The terrible teacher

Warner Bros.

Some kids refuse to go to school for a reason or two. One reason is because of the teacher who is basically the reincarnation of Hitler. He/She would always call you to ask questions and if you don’t answer, he/she would beat you with words and sticks.

3. Bullies


Aside from the Hitler teacher, there’s also Hitler junior. Bullies are the worst scums of school life.

How I wish I could turn back time to punch my bully in the nuts.

If you’re bullied, I have a solution: Put laxative on your baon. If he steals it and eats it, he’ll not be able to reach the CR before he loses his shit.

4. Loads and loads of projects


School is but an endless pile of projects. Procrastination is just a temporary relief, do your project… later!

5. Getting late


So you missed the flag ceremony? No problem.

You missed the first subject? No sweat, just go to the next one.

You missed the whole morning session? Just cut classes and watch Cartoon Network in your friend’s house.

6. Clearance signing


Did you fail to finish your project? Too bad your teacher won’t sign your clearance. Proceed to the backup plan, palaban dayon ni mama!

7. Trying to fit in


New school year means new classmates and potentially, new bullies and best friends. Just keep calm and be kind to everyone, especially to the generous and rich classmates. Also, don’t forget to befriend the class nerd.

8. Introducing yourself

“Hello everybody, my name is Goryo Carpio blah blah blah”


Isn’t it terrifying? To be talking in front of the class with their faces seemingly looking like their about to roast you. Introducing yourself is required though, so do your best!

9. Exams


Have you studied your notes yet? Too bad you’ll still get low grades when it turns out what you read didn’t come out of the test. You should use your ninja skills to cheat next time.

10. “Kinsa tong naay malumo og kasingkasing, panghatag og papel beh!”

Okay class, prepare one-fourth piece of paper  now!


Paper? Nah, my generous seatmate would definitely give me. Wait, you don’t have paper too? Does anyone have a spare crosswise?

School can be exciting if you just learn to love it.

It’s just the first step of living life.

Going to work is worse.