10 Beautiful Cebu Beaches That You Must Visit in Your Lifetime

It's crazy! Cebu has all the sun, sea, sand, and sky that you want! Amazing!

posted on: Friday, February 28, 2014
Channel Marie Imperial
Lifestyle Geek

When it’s very hot outside it means one thing.

It’s a perfect time to go to the beach.

Thankfully, Cebu has a lot of beaches.

The following are some beautiful beaches in Cebu that you need to visit in your lifetime.

1. Sta. Fe Beach in Bantayan Island

Sta. Fe Beach in Bantayan Island


2. Tingko Beach in Alcoy

Tingko Beach in Alcoy


3. Santiago White Beach in Camotes Island

Santiago White Beach in Camotes Island


4. Dalaguete Beach Park

Dalaguete Beach Park


5. Logon Beach in Malapascua Island

Logon Beach in Malapascua Island


6. Hidden Beach in Aloguinsan

Hidden Beach in Aloguinsan


7. Lambug Beach in Badian

Lambug Beach in Badian

Paulo Cañete

8. Basdako Beach in Moalboal

Panagsama Beach in Moalboal


9. Sayaw Beach in Barili

Sayaw Beach in Barili


10. Mövenpick Hotel Mactan Island Cebu

Mövenpick Hotel Mactan Island


How do you like our list so far?

Don’t worry! More beaches will be listed on our next article.

Where are you planning to go this week?


  • Aleks Galo Bertulfo

    5 out of 10!

  • Luigi Flores

    Maravilla, Tabuelan, Cebu..

  • Iris

    That is not the panagsama beach thats the basdako beach in moalboal on the other side

  • ranch

    definitely…cebu has a lot of beautiful beaches one of which that has not been in the lists was i san remigio…tag as the longest shoreline in cebu

  • Engelbert Gil

    Durhan White Beach Resort in Tabuelan Cebu

  • Wyndell Valle

    alcoy, dalaguete n movenpick remains on my list. the rest are certified CEBUs BEST BEACHES yeah!

  • Fritz

    In Moalboal, the area which has beach is the Basdaku, not Panagsama. Hope we are careful with our infos here. But good article.

  • Fritz

    Agree with this!

  • frustratedblogger

    Hey Cebu is not just about beaches. Here are my 5 Reasons to visit Cebu and it almost covers everything the province has to offer. Check it out.

  • ndybanez

    the 10 listed are nothing. Nalusuan island is the best!!!

  • Khryss

    You can also check my own version of Top 10 Summer Destinations at http://www.iamafrustratedblogger.com/2014/02/summer-destinations-in-philippines.html

  • http://www.enchantingphilippines.com raztadog

    For me, the best Cebu beach would be.

    1. Sumilon Island

    2. Borromeo Beach in Camotes Island

    3. Nalusuan

    4. Malapascua

    5. Sta Fe, Bantayan

    6. Basdaku, Moalboal

    7. Lambug, Badian

    8. Lilo-an, Santander

    9. Tabuelan

    10. Alcoy


  • http://www.LakbayDiva.com/ Lakbay Diva

    right. panagsama is about 4 kms away from basdako. get your facts straight ten minutes. panagsama or basdiot doesn’t have the ‘big sand’.

  • http://www.enchantingphilippines.com raztadog

    i second the motion.. hehe

  • frustratedblogger

    Guys do you think Bojo River in Aloguinsan should be consider in this list? I would like to promote iy because the management of Bojo River is doing a really great job in making sure the mangroves are being taking care of. Heres how to go there. http://www.iamafrustratedblogger.com/2013/08/bojo-river-aloguinsan-cebu.html and some facts about Bojo River in Cebu Aloguinsan.

  • Channel Imperial

    Thank you very much Iris! I will make the necessary changes. ^_^

  • Channel Imperial

    Thanks Lakbay Diva. ^_^

  • Channel Imperial

    Nice list you have there raztadog!

  • Channel Imperial

    My mistake Fritz. I personally haven’t been to Basdaku or Panagsama. I’m glad you made some corrections.

  • Channel Imperial

    Is this a public beach Engelbert?

  • Channel Imperial

    There is still part 2 Ranch. Don’t worry. ^_^

  • Channel Imperial

    You only have 5 to go Aleks!

  • Channel Imperial

    I will include that in the river list. We are planning to go there.

  • Channel Imperial

    This is cool Khryss!

  • Channel Imperial

    Hahahahaha! I agree that Nalusuan is great.

  • Channel Imperial

    Cebu is not just about beaches! It’s everything underneath the sun!

  • Channel Imperial

    Yes, they are one of the best!

  • Channel Imperial

    I will include that in Part 2 Luigi!

  • Nova Joy

    Thanks for sharing, will certainly consider to visit those beaches once we have the chance to visit phils again.

  • Mhie Lee

    It’s so ashame but I never been in all the beaches you mention here.


  • http://a-life-so-far-away.blogspot.com/ Fernando Ceballos Lachica

    All’s beautiful to visit and stay for a while…of course, foods..

  • Engelbert Gil

    Yes it is.. :) you can check it out.. http://durhanwhitebeach.com :)

  • Pinx L.

    It’s such a shame on my part because I lived in Cebu for more than a decade and the only place in the list that I’ve set foot is Sta. Fe in Bantayan Island. Then I left Cebu and missed all those! Cebu is my home, but I left my heart in Bohol… hehehe! :-) Thanks for sharing this, it made me miss Cebu more…

  • chubskulit

    THere are so many beautiful beaches out there in Cebu. We spent our honeymoon in Tambuli Resort.


  • http://www.thejoysofsimplelife.com/ Betchai

    only been to santa fe and mactan island, i am not from cebu but love how it is close enough from Negros that it was our popular get-away then :)

  • Juliana

    The Philippines is loaded with beautiful pristine beaches. I wish tourism is seriously promoted (sigh). The country’s natural beauty can compete with major attractions in other countries.


  • http://daphnebenosa.com/ Daphne

    OMG these are beautiful! I haven’t been to Cebu. Must really go there.

  • algene may cutamora

    I’ve heard a lot about the Bantayan island. Wish I could got there someday :) Yung mga pinsan and friends ko, pabalik-balik na diyan.

  • http://www.pinaymom-in-germany.com Che

    I always hear that Cebu has beautiful beaches. I never thought they are these beautiful!! Another reason to be proud as a Filipino.

  • frustratedblogger

    I say No.1 in my list if we are talking about Cebu only. But outside Cebu there are more. I also think Camotes is next to Bantayan. If you want to go to Camotes this is my recent post on how much you need to spend if you go there for 3 days 2 nights with your Bf.

  • frustratedblogger

    Thank you.. It will be really helpful for the locals. Good job here!

  • Melquiades Buryal Estrada

    i don’t know why the “beach” at movenpick is on the list

  • Channel Imperial

    If you happen to be in Movenpick, the beach is just fine. It’s actually relaxing just staying on the shore. ^_^

  • Channel Imperial

    We have more than 10 beaches to share with you Miss Che! More Cebu beaches to come on our next articles.

  • Channel Imperial

    They are all part of Cebu… Camotes, Bantayan, and etc.

  • Channel Imperial

    You really should! Bantayan Island, Malapascua Island, Moalboal, or Sumilon Island is a must-visit!

  • Channel Imperial

    Hopefully, our government will help us boost the tourism industry to its fullest. ^_^

  • Channel Imperial

    I love Negros and I am so curious about Apo Island!

  • Channel Imperial

    They are currently building condominiums in Tambuli. ^_^

  • Channel Imperial

    I love Bohol too! I recharge myself there. ^_^

  • Channel Imperial

    Maraming masasarap na food dito. ^_^

  • Channel Imperial

    It’s not a shame. It’s just a signal that you should start visiting Cebu. ^_^

  • Channel Imperial

    If you have limited time, the beaches in Mactan Island will do. ^_^

  • Melquiades Buryal Estrada

    yeah i’ve been there that’s the reason i’m asking why it’s on the list. but your list. enjoy

  • Channel Imperial

    It’s one of the private beaches that is a must-visit. That’s why. ^_^

  • Channel Imperial

    Yes, it is helpful to the locals. Thanks to Sir Boboi Costas and company, the ecotour was made possible. ^_^

  • Socorro Fabor

    There is a much longer stretch of white beach in Tabuelan.. it’s in Maravilla!

  • estancabigas

    Hi, would appreciate it much if you actually link to the specific post where you got the photo.

  • Elma Placido

    Its one of my wish to visit the bantayan island. Looking at your great pics. Its really tempting.

  • Aimee

    OMG! You made a list without going to those places??? You should check the place first before making a list so you could justify it. (obviously your pictures are taken from different websites) Tingko Beach in Alcoy is so crowded ang doesn’t even have a decent toilet. Dalaguete Beach Park has a short shoreline, has lots of seaweeds and very slippery. If I am from Cebu City I will not travel that far for these places, its not worth it. You should make a list of 10 Affordable Beaches in Cebu or 10 Beautiful Public Beach in Cebu or 10 Beautiful 5 star Beach Resorts so your readers will know what to expect. By the way, Bantayan Island has a lot of Beautiful Beach Resorts (not only in Sta FE) both affordable n expensive ones, same with camotes island, malapascua, moalboal, for sure you will not regret the long rides.

  • Channel Imperial

    Hi Miss Aimee. I understand what you mean but you have to also take into consideration that this is not a list of the best beaches in Cebu and this is not a one part article. This is partly a guide for Cebuanos who are looking for options for their weekend getaway. ^_^ Thank you very much for the suggestions. I appreciate them. ^_^

  • Channel Imperial

    Thank you Sir Estan for reminding me. ^_^

  • Channel Imperial

    Wait ’til you see our Malapascua escapade in a few days Miss Elma! ^_^

  • Aimee

    Really? You really understand what I mean? How can you make a list or a guide, when you yourself was not able to go to those places? How can you justify those places if its really beautiful or not?

  • mix179

    sorry but how can you recommend these places if you personally haven’t been to some of the places in this list?

  • mix179

    i have the same sentiments. how can you recommend to people that they NEED to visit these places when she hasn’t even visited some of these places?

  • http://www.silaytambayan.com/ Felicito P. Nato

    wow! Those places were incredibly stunning!. The heat is really on!


  • Ali S.

    It’s like describing the taste of wine that you’ve never drank…. or recommending the wine without ever tasting!

  • http://cebupictures.blogspot.com benn river
  • http://www.enchantingphilippines.com raztadog

    thanks.. :) yours as well.. thank you for sharing it to the world.

  • estancabigas

    is movenpick even natural? you should do research please. better if you also write why you include these beaches, not just grab photos then put numbers.


    Theres a lot of good white sand beaches in Cebu. and I just surprised you included Movenpick on the list.

    Are you aware that the white sand of Movenpick is not natural? it has been quarried from the nearby province of Bohol. same with the other white sand beaches around Mactan Area

    i hope yu did your research well before writing this article.

  • Tamao Serizawa

    I like the number 3 in the list…NALUSUAN…xD

    • http://www.enchantingphilippines.com raztadog

      me too.. love it in there. :) pandanon island would also be nice, but it is already part of bohol.

  • estancabigas

    Hi Channel, where’s the link?

  • Apo Hiking Socialite

    May i include the beaches in medellin and daan bantayan? Thchere is also a nice beach on the other side of olango island facing bohol. Liloan santander also has a nice beach and of course sumilon island.

  • http://thebogotimes.blogspot.com/ The Bogo Times

    I would recommend San Remigio’s beaches especially in Barangay Anapog. The municipality has Cebu’s longest shoreline.

    i think the northern part has the most underrated and beautiful beaches.

    • remove almoranas

      May 21, 2014 // Yah, most underrated and beautiful beaches! But having a healing finer white sand beaches, it could readily be healthful and helpful for anyone to drop by at Santa Fe Cebu! Great to learn the Northern part of Cebu mainland and the islands nearby’s are blessings to all Guests and Friends!
      Despite how Super Typhoon devastated hardly the area in which even people are still recovering now still the Blessings are there for all the visitors and guests who want to unwind and take a moments of bonding! Santa Fe, with also fresh air! Great to learn at almost all times, Santa Fe Cebu! — the pride of Bantayan Group of Islands! In fairness I was there! ABS-CBN people love visit there often and even enjoy islands hopping and snorkeling! Sulit sa budget!
      compliments from:
      May 21, 2014
      Great to Learn more of Santa Fe Cebu..,.. a place of
      View of Paradise in the Philippines! A great bonding place! A great
      place to Unwind! The Pride of Bantayan Group of Islands! We love Santa
      Fe, Cebu!
      compliments from:

  • http://thebogotimes.blogspot.com/ The Bogo Times

    yes yes yes!

  • remove almoranas

    May 21, 2014
    Great to Learn more of Santa Fe Cebu..,.. a place of View of Paradise in the Philippines! A great bonding place! A great place to Unwind! The Pride of Bantayan Group of Islands! We love Santa Fe, Cebu!
    compliments from:

  • http://makatanglakwatsera.com/ Makatang_Lakwatsera

    Have been to all except the one in Aloguinsan. Hopefully I will be able to visit it soon plus a side trip to the Bojo River. <3


  • Razl Dazzle

    ang Lawis Beach sa Argao diay?

  • angelica

    for me……….. the best na jd ang cebu^_^

  • Marco Antonio Vergara

    pier uno og pier dos mas tin.aw!