10 Boring And Not-So-Boring Things Filipinos Do Every Holy Week

Keeping Holy Week traditions alive is just a matter of enjoying some boring parts of it.
posted on: Saturday, April 5, 2014
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It’s Holy Week again, when people are grumpier and irritable but traditions keep them closer. Holy week is a special occasion for us. This long vacation gives us a time to reflect and do things we don’t usually do during ordinary days. Now is the time to detoxify yourself, both body and soul.

1. Fasting (or diet?)


Some completely don’t eat, some just forgo meat and only eat fruits and vegetables. This is a fun time for those on a diet because everyone else is on a diet with you. Don’t chow down vegetables too much; you might choke, you know.

2. Processions


It’s like joining in a fun run but 90% slower. No matter who’s first, everyone always ends up in church.

3. Superstitions


It’s the time of year when superstitions are remembered again. ‘Don’t go outside ‘cause evil will befall you’, ‘Don’t cut yourself as it may not heal’, and many others used to scare us when we were kids. Darn old people and their scare tactics!

4. Watching boring shows on TV


Inevitable for those who just stay at home this Holy Week. Boring shows on TV makes you just throw away your sanity but thank God there’s internet.

5. Going to the beach


After enduring the boring week, IT’S BEACH TIME! Those who went fasting can now show off their slimmer body. But it won’t last long…

6. Reading the Passion (Pabasa)


The ominous incantations old people recite while reading a booklet makes a good Pinoy horror movie. I admire those who can endure the whole session, you should reward yourself by eating pork.

7. Moriones festival


Weird masks, weird masks everywhere. Clowns ain’t got nothing on these guys.

8. Church Visit (Visita Iglesia)


A good way to spend time with your lover, Holy Week’s a more romantic time than Valentine’s day. Or didn’t you know?

9. Salubong (Meeting)


A celebration after a boring week. Attend the mass then eat all you can!

10. Performing extreme forms of devotion


What’s a Filipino Holy Week without the bloody fanatics harming themselves for the sake of faith? Love them or hate them, they’re a good tourist attraction.

So what about you? Have you any better plans to do this Holy Week?