10 Breathtaking Photos Of Cebu Taken At Night-time

Cebu is always beautiful day and night.
posted on: Thursday, August 14, 2014
Kevin Maglinte
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New York or Cebu? I’ll choose Cebu anytime!

Anyway, let me show you guys and gals how our province looks like at night.

The view is definitely breathtaking!

1. Mandaue-Mactan Bridge

Moon Ray Lo | travelerscouch.blogspot.com

Mandaue-Mactan Bridge also goes by the name ‘old bridge’ but it has since been formally renamed to ”.

I always cross this bridge every week for work.

2. Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral


It’s sad that this old and iconic church has been affected by the 2013 earthquake.

3. I know you know where this is

Megz Garcia | Wikipedia

It’s Fuente Osmeña Circle!

4. Mactan Shrine

Danjick Lim

If I were to have a girlfriend, I would bring her here!

5. Baywalk at Naga City


Another good dating place here in Cebu.

6. The tallest building in Cebu


What is the name of this building?

Clue: it’s located in Cebu City

7. What’s the name of this “castle”?

JR-LAO | Flickr

Clue: This is located somewhere in Lahug.

8. South Road Properties

Rob’s Photo Blog | my-lens-and-pens.blogspot.com

They say there’s a little traffic here and good for drifting cars.

9. Magellan’s Cross Chapel

Don Dayao Lugtu | Overcast Photography | Flickr

Magellan’s Cross is one of the most iconic symbols of Cebu.

10. City Lights of Cebu

Allan Soul | Flickr

According to the photographer, , this shot was taken from Mountain View Park in Busay.


Cebu is really great any time of the day.

What’s your favorite photo of the province?