10 Cebu Food Festivals That Show How Much Cebuanos Love To Eat.

Cebuanos indeed live a yummy life!
posted on: Wednesday, February 19, 2014

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Filipinos simply loves to eat! It is even known that most of us eat more than three times a day: three major meals, two snack times, and sometimes… there’s the infamous midnight snack.

Back in the days of yore, Cebuanos would celebrate the time of harvest or something that is abundant in their area. It’s a way of expressing gratitude to God for giving them a bountiful life, harvest, or catch.

When there is a celebration, there’s always a fiesta! What are the food festivals celebrated in Cebu? Here are some of them.

1. Bakasi Festival


This festival was made in celebration of Cordova’s most abundant and famous marine resource, the bakasi or eel.

2. Cassava Festival


Cassava was never harvested or cooked in Tudela until they were struck by famine. Since then, the people of Tudela are thankful for the root crop that helped them to survive.

3. Budbod Kabog Festival


Budbod kabog is the delicacy that Catmon is famous for. The festival highlights dance steps that depict the way farmers process “kabog” grain into this tasty sweet treat.

4. Buwad Festival


Suddenly, I’m reminded of breakfast! I love to eat buwad with boiled egg and sikwate (hot chocolate). That would constitute a perfect breakfast for me. Anyways, back to the time when there were no refrigerators or ice, there was no way you can preserve a fish, except by salting them. This buwad or dried fish came to be and celebrated as a festival in Madridejos.

5. Kinsan Festival


Kinsan is the name of a fish that is very abundant in Aloguinsan. The municipality got it’s name because of that fish. “Ulo sa kinsan” was a popular term until it became Aloguinsan.

6. Tostado Festival


If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands! That is what the people of Santander has done because of their famous delicacy, the tostado.

7. Utanon Festival


Utanon means vegetables and there’s no place in Cebu that’s teeming with vegetables than Dalaguete. This is a celebration of a bountiful harvest.

8. Rosquillos Festival


Who doesn’t love rosquillos? Since Margarita “Titay” Frasco baked it back in 1907, it has become a favorite snack and delicacy of Cebuanos, other Filipinos and foreigners!

9. Kinhason Festival


This is an occupational festival that shows how the people of Santa Fe harvest kinhason or sea shells.

10. La Torta Festival


Argao is famous for its torta or cake and to celebrate the good life ushered by torta, the people of Argao made a festival in honor of their best delicacy.

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