10 Cebuano Problems We All Face

Being Cebuano is great, except for you know, a few problems…
posted on: Tuesday, October 14, 2014
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Being Cebuano is great – with mouth-watering dishes and eye-catching view of the whole province – we couldn’t ask for more.

But there are times, dark times when we face seemingly trivial #Cebuanoproblems but annoying as hell. Like these:

1. When you’re in Manila and realize people don’t understand Cebuano…

2. When you’re tired of watching Tagalog shows then watch Bisaya ones (which is equally frustrating to watch)…

3. When you’re lost in Metro Cebu and got confused with all the different jeepney number codes…


4. When your international idol holds a concert in PH but is only held in Manila… T_T


5. When your favorite local star holds a concert in Cebu (once every 10 years) and you missed it… huhuhu

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6. When you’re confused about a Tagalog word because of its in Cebuano…

Instagram post by user marjtabuclin

7. When you watch national news on TV and it mostly reports news about Luzon!


8. When you watch local news and don’t understand some Cebuano words spoken… *sigh*


9. When no matter what course you finished, you’ll always end up being hired as a call center agent… (our English proficiency is top-notch, right?)


10. When you’re in Manila and Tagalogs find you rude because you don’t use “po” and “opo”…


How do you deal with these #Cebuanoproblems? Ikatawa na lang nato!