10 Cebuano Words You Might Have Heard But Not Know Its Meaning (Part 2)

Our own language isn’t really taught in elementary and high school. Is it really our fault if our Cebuano vocabulary is limited?
posted on: Thursday, August 7, 2014
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Are you part of the generation where reading a Cebuano newspaper seems a little bit hard to understand? Me too.

Discover the meaning of some Cebuano words you’ve probably heard on the radio or TV by reading a Cebuano Dictionary or asking your grandparents or reading this list:

1. Ilo’ng Tuwapos

You can say ‘ilo sa amahan’ who is someone who has lost their father.


Batman Begins | Warner Brothers via ign.com

Add the word tuwapos before ‘ilo’ and you’ll get the meaning ‘someone who has lost both their parents’ or in short, ‘orphan‘.

2. Kilumkilom

romantic sunset

It means ‘twilight’ or ‘dusk’. It’s the time of the day when you can watch the beautiful sunset here in Cebu.

3. Sam-ang

cemetery or sam-ang in cebuano


We always call this place ‘menteryo’. Yes, sam-ang means cemetery. ‘Menteryo’, as you’ve guessed, is derived from a Spanish word which is cementerio.

4. Mamumuo

factory workers in the philippines

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We always hear this word on the news. Mamumuo means laborers. I think I should join the ALU-TUCP.

This word is not to be confused with…

5. Mamumuno

dexter tv series


This word is also commonly mentioned on the news. Mamumuno means ‘killer’.

6. Panaw

journey band


It means ‘trip’ or ‘journey’.

“Lisod mag-inusara sa panaw sa kinabuhi ug pagtuo. Kinahanglan may mga kuyog nga maoy mogiya, motultol, ug moamoma.”

~ Carmelo Diola

7. Yam-id

The word yam-iran is a derivative of this word which can be found in the lyrics of the popular song, ‘Gugmang Giatay‘:

“Kay kon pananglit yam-iran mo

Mga panumpa ug pasalig ko”

Yam-id means to ‘smirk’ or to ‘twist your face to show disapproval’ so that means the girl probably didn’t accept the guy’s promises… *sigh*

mckayla maroney meme


8. Panamilit

jose rizal death scene

Flickr | Adele Alessa

No, it doesn’t mean ‘sticky’. Panamilit means ‘farewell’ or ‘goodbye’.

Rizal’s ‘Mi Último Adiós’ (My Last Farewell) can be translated into Cebuano as ‘Katapusan Ko Nga Panamilit’.

9. Dagitab

dagitab festival of naga


Dagitab means ‘electricity’. And to show the importance of electricity…

the city of Naga celebrates Dagitab Festival which starts on December 8 and goes through the Christmas season. Add that to the list of the Cebu festivals you should visit.

10. Handurawan



Don’t use the word imahinasyon or huna-huna, use handurawan and you’ll sound like a scholar. Handurawan means ‘imagination’.

Having read the list, I think I’m now prepared to write a ‘balak‘ or a Cebuano song entry for the next Vispop.