10 Cheap Ways To Fight The Hot Weather If You Are A Filipino

Despite the stormy days, there are times when the weather is just one degree too hot. Cool your head off by without spending that much.
posted on: Tuesday, August 5, 2014
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Despite the rainy days brought about by the recent storms, there are still days that are exceedingly hot.

Most people are becoming hot-headed because of this, they become easy to irritate and impatient.

So how do Filipinos fight the scorching days aside from buying an expensive electric fan or air conditioner?

Here are some:

1. Buy soft drinks and pour the content in a plastic container with matching straw.


2. If you can’t afford your own air conditioner, what else? Window shopping! Free aircon!

Flickr | rquitos

3. Taking a nap outside your house under the shade of a mango tree. At least, it’s less hot outside.


5. Fanning yourself with your stylish yet affordable abaniko.


6. Umbrella is not just for rainy days. If you’re going to the market, better bring one.


7. I’m sure you can afford the cold water in ATM (Automatic Tubig Machine).


8. You can have ice candy too, cheaper than ice cream!


9. Wear a basketball jersey or sando for a better ventilation. Lebron James or Michael Jordan?


10. If jersey isn’t your style, you can just take off your shirt and proudly display your beer belly.

Regina Belmonte via junsabayton.tumblr.com

In a nutshell, you don’t really have to spend that much to fight the hot weather. These ways are guaranteed to cool you off.

My best advice would be to stay away from people who piss you off.