10 Chilling Photos That Show The Atrocities Of War In The Philippines

World War II was one of the darkest episodes of Philippine history. These photos tell the story of humanity’s unimaginable crimes and sufferings.
posted on: Friday, June 27, 2014
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War is atrocious. You’ve probably heard scary stories about World War II from your grandparents.

Here are some photos that will tell the story about one of the darkest times in Philippine history:

1. Blue Eagle Guerrillas give directions to American servicemen (March 1945)

Flickr | John Tewell

These guerrillas have been contributing invaluable aid to our fighting forces, such a roaming the streets looking for snipers and for Japanese who have switched into civilian clothes. One of their prime functions is to give directions and warn our men of mine fields that the Japanese has sown over almost every major thoroughfare in Manila.

2. Filipino and American soldiers show off Japanese captives (1942 – 1944)


Filipinos and Americans joined forces during the World War II to defeat the Japanese. During the Japanese occupation, several guerilla organizations sprang up in the Philippines.

3. After hiding alone in the jungle for 29 years, this Japanese soldier surrenders to the Philippine government (March 1974)

reddit | Kitarn

Second Lieutenant was sent into Lubang Island, Philippines in December 1944 and was tasked in hampering enemy forces that attacked the island. Over the years, his group got smaller, some surrendered, some killed in action, until he was the lone survivor. He refused to believe that the war was over and continued fighting until a fellow Japanese convinced him to surrender. He was pardoned by President Marcos, returned to Japan and received a hero’s welcome. He passed away this year at the age of 91.

4. Filipina guerrilla shows a soldier how she kills Japanese soldiers (November 7, 1944)


Captain Nieves Fernandez was a school teacher, but she became the only known Filipino female guerrilla leader. In the photo, she shows U.S. Army Pvt. Andrew Lupiba how she used her long knife to silently kill Japanese soldiers during the Japanese occupation of Leyte Island.

5. Little Filipino boy salutes at passing troops (1945)


The was the little Filipino lad’s own idea, when a Coast Guard Combat Photographer encountered him somewhere on liberated Leyte Island.

6. Bataan Death March (1942)

reddit | crashin | Instructional Resources Corporation

The Bataan death march, the biggest surrender in US history, resulted in true horror. All told, approximately 5,000–10,000 Filipino and 600–650 American prisoners of war died or were executed before they could reach the first Camp O’Donnell.

7. American troops surrender to the Japanese (May 6, 1942)


surrender to the Japanese at Corregidor. A total of 11,500 Americans and Filipinos became POWs, including the commander, Lt. Gen. Jonathan Wainwright. POWs from Corregidor and Bataan were among the worst treated.

8. Man discovers the remains of Tapel Massacre (November 1945)


This picture shows Pedro Cerono, the man who discovered a group of eight skulls in Tapel, Cagayan Province. This site is where were reported to have been killed by the Japanese on or about July 1, 1945.

9. Tank crews listen to Bernard Herzog who was just liberated from the camp of Santo Tomas, Philippines (1945)


was a prisoner of war during the Japanese occupation. He lost 78 pounds (35 kg) and suffered from beriberi. His lower legs are swollen probably due to beriberi, an illness caused by B1 vitamin (Thiamine) deficiency. This was probably caused by a diet composed exclusively of refined white rice, common in the Japanese POW camps.

10. American soldier in Manila rescues an injured Filipino girl (February 1945)

histclo.com | MacArthur Memorial

Defying orders from General Yamashita, the Japanese Marines in Manila went on a . As the Americans secured Manila, the Japanese who refused to surrender had to be rooted out building by building. Civilians were not just caught in the crossfire, the Japanese actually sought out civilians to kill. An estimated 100,000 civilians perished, most were killed by the Japanese on purpose.

 War is indeed horrible. Let’s just hope the tension between China and other countries ease and no war would erupt.