10 Common College Student Problems We All Face

College is the phase of life when we get mature really fast.
posted on: Thursday, September 18, 2014
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Some of you might be in college, studying for exams and playing Dota. Is college life hard or easy?

Well it depends, but here are definitely some of the things you might hate about being in college:

1. You eat books for breakfast, dinner, lunch and midnight snack.


2. When you’re too lazy to study for the coming exams…


3. When you study but still fail… especially in Math.


4. When you realized that the course you chose was too hard for you.

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5. When your lack of sleep is starting to change your appearance.


6. Even the slightest amount of sleep is like heaven.


7. As part of the working class, we share the same pain.

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8. The reason why we’re too lazy to study all week…


9. The amount of handouts given is too damn high!

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10. It’s just better to hang around with your friends.


So, are you ready for your exams?