10 Common Misconceptions We Always See In The Movies

Movies and TV shows are rife with misconceptions that don’t really happen in real life.
posted on: Friday, August 1, 2014
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What’s your favorite film?

Chances are, your favorite movie is fraught with misconceptions and scientific inaccuracies like these:

1. We only use 10% of our brain.

This myth suggests that we don’t fully use all of our brain’s capacity and that we can harness our brain’s full potential through artificial means.


Unfortunately, this is false. Though mysteries regarding brain function remain like memory and consciousness, the physiology of suggests that all areas of the brain have a function though we don’t use all of them simultaneously.

Some movies that have this premise are Limitless (2011) and Lucy (2014).

2. Silencers completely suppress the sound of gunshot.

A silencer or suppressor is a device attached to a gun to reduce the loud sound made when a gun is fired.


We always hear it in the movies that a gun with a silencer attached to it make a ‘fwip‘ sound, quiet enough not to attract any attention from nearby people:

WARNINGSpoilers for the TV series Sherlock…

How it should have been:

As you can hear, guns are incredibly loud and no device could lower the sound enough to not wake your roommate.

3. Getting knocked out unconscious and waking up just fine.

This is always played casually in the movies. Either the protagonist strikes a hard object on an enemy’s head to knock him down or the villain knocks out the protagonist unconscious then kidnaps him/her.


If you’re knocked out unconscious, there’s a possibility that you have suffered from a and it’s no laughing matter. You should see a doctor because it’s suuuper bad for you or anyone.

4. Shooting a car will make it explode.

Want to junk your car? Shoot it and it will explode just like in the movies, especially those directed by Michael Bay.

REUTERS/Cathal McNaughton

Well, debunked it. When MythBuster Jamie Hyneman bored into a Cadillac’s full gas tank with a barrage of bullets, no such detonation went down. His six slugs simply ripped right through the tank and out the other side of the otherwise intact sedan.

5. A nerd sits on a computer and with a few keyboard strokes, hacks into an important government mainframe.

doesn’t always mean bad and that’s not how it works and important agencies aren’t stupid to just save their files over the internet. It takes a to leak confidential documents from the NSA.

6. Guns don’t run out of bullets.

With the exception of FPJ, guns can only fire several bullets before you have to reload it.

7. Ugly means having thick eyebrows and dark skin.


Star Cinema

And this…


8. Want to kidnap someone? Let them inhale chloroform.

Putting chloroform on a rag and covering it on the victim’s nose would cause him/her to lose consciousness after a few seconds of inhaling it.

It requires medical expertise just to apply the right amount of chloroform. One small mistake and you might your victim (which you wouldn’t want to happen if you’re the kidnapper). Also, it takes several minutes just to render the victim unconscious and not several seconds.

9. Large creatures can move about like normal-sized creatures

Sorry, your Godzilla and any of those giant Jägers aren’t really probable in real life. If they do, they would just crumble under their own weight and won’t move as fast as what you see in the movies.


The  would simply not make any very large creatures possible. As an object’s size increases, its weight would increase at a greater rate. A large creature like Godzilla wouldn’t be able to support its own weight and its bones would crumble. That’s why whales are in the ocean, since the water supports their weight.

10. Defibrillator can revive a heart that’s stopped.

These paddles can make a flat-lined heart beat again. WRONG!


The is a device that is used to shock the heart back into normal rhythm if beating becomes irregular. The common misconception behind the defibrillator is that it is used to restart the heart. It is simply used to restore a normal rhythm to the heart.

Defibrillator got its name from the word defibrillating, which is what happens when a heart beats out of sync and erratic. Defibrillators don’t make a heart that has stopped beating beat again.

Don’t let these misconceptions lose your interest in watching your favorite movies. Just suspend your disbelief and you will enjoy every bit of it.