10 Common Wedding Gifts A Pinoy Gives To Just-Married Couples

Filipino wedding gifts are somewhat repetitive but still useful.
posted on: Wednesday, October 1, 2014
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Yay, weddings!

If you still watch news on TV you would know that there have been numerous celebrity proposals and weddings that happened this year. My favorite was when Dingdong proposed to Marian because I watched it live on TV.


According to the , February is the Filipinos favorite month for them to tie the knot. What do Filipinos usually give to newlyweds?


Here are some of them:

1. Jewellery


Expensive bracelet and necklace for the bride, why not?

It can be useful someday – the couple could pawn the jewellery during the times when they need money for their first baby.

2. Kitchenware


Knife set, spoon, fork, plates or anything that the couple can use in the kitchen. You can give this to the couple who has recently moved to a new house.

Just beware of Martilyo Gang when you shop in the hardware.

3. Tupperware


You can give all kinds of food containers or as Filipinos call it – Tupperware. From small containers to “laptap” (lapad nga tupperware), it’s affordable and long-lasting.

4. Glassware


Yeah glassware. When you unwrap one, you’ll immediately throw away the crumpled brown paper that was put inside the glass to protect it form breaking.

5. Wall clock


Nowadays, wall clocks are no longer used to look at the time – there’s your phone for that. Wall clocks are just downgraded to being a house decoration. Still a good gift though.

6. Electric fan, ceiling fan or better yet, aircon


Electric fan will always be one of the best wedding gifts because it’s guaranteed that the couple will use it, especially by the husband who is forced to sleep on the couch.

7. Baby products


From cradles to baby food to books about “Parenting 101”, baby products are a nice gift that makes the couple think that you’re looking forward to being the godfather of their future child.

8. Monetary gift


When you have run out of ideas of what to give, money can be the best gift. Just put it inside an elegantly designed envelope and cover it with expensive perfume – preferably Chanel no. 5.

9. Rice Cooker


Rice cooker is one of the most popular wedding gift and in fact, my Mama still uses the rice cooker she received when she got married.

So if you have no idea, what to give to your newlywed friend, I recommend buying them a rice cooker.

10. Arinola


Chamber pot or arinola is kinda funny to think about as a gift but seriously, it’s a common wedding gift you MIGHT receive when you get married. Arinola is quite handy though, you don’t have to get out of your bed to take a leak. Arinola has also other purposes, like what this guy did in the picture.

Filipino wedding gifts usually revolve around the idea that the newlyweds have moved out to their new house.

So, do you now have an idea what to give to your engaged co-worker?

Don’t forget to attend their wedding!