10 Crazy Headlines You Can Read In Pinoy Newspapers

Tabloids really do everything just to sell… but it’s effective!
posted on: Wednesday, November 19, 2014
Write. Write. Write. Done!
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Now if you read newspapers, most headlines can rather be boring – Oil Price Hike, Binay Jokes and Kris Aquino Quotes. But sometimes, you can read these kind of headlines:

Read this with Mike Enriquez’s voice in mind…

1. He died… doing what he love – taking a selfie.

via Twitter

200 photos a day. That means he approximately takes a selfie every 7.2 minutes!


2. Is this really scientifically proven?


Well, according to a , this is not a hoax. Damn it, I have to smell fart to lower my blood pressure level!


3. Nice minimalist headline, Abante.



4. The classic reason why men kill each other.

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5. Next time we know, they’re already sold in ukay-ukay.



6. Girls are somehow obsessed with men who are circumcised…



7. This is how Filipinos say that the Mayor is having an affair…



8. From Erap to Kelot… what the hell is KELOT?



9. The word ‘Bebot’ just makes the headline less serious…



10. Suddenly, all men on Earth became blind.



Damn, reading these headlines makes me want to buy some Pinoy Tabloids!