10 Crazy Superstitions Filipinos Believe During Holy Week

Believe it or not, it’s a reminder of our colorful culture.
posted on: Friday, April 18, 2014
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Superstitions are belief in things that have supernatural causes.

Most of us heard it from our grandparents.

It is a reminder of the culture passed down to us since the pre-Spanish era.

They say there’s no harm in believing and following these superstitions.

It’s Holy Week, and this is the season when superstitions are rife.

1. Wounds take a longer time to heal.


This is by far the most popular one. Old folks used to scare children about how a headless priest comes out of the wound to haunt them. Why would they do that to us innocent kids?

2. Evil spirits are said to be stronger.


Jesus died so there’s no one to protect us and our local policemen are no match for these scary monsters. You might as well call Coco Martin and let his ‘bakal na krus’ do the magic. But if he fails, there’s still a way to ward evil spirits like:

3. Attaching palm leaf on the front door


You can’t just take some leaves and put them on the front door. Be sure to use “lukay” or palm leaves that are blessed by the priest or it won’t have any effect whatsoever.

4. It’s a good time to visit your local albularyo (quack doctor)


Our grandparents may know an albularyo who’ll cure illnesses, concoct love potion, or even predict your future for a good price. They’ll also sell you anting-anting.

5. A time to wear anting-anting (amulet)


Yes, albularyos told you about their anting-anting. If you think palm leaf isn’t enough, then it’s time to buy one.

Choose the one that looks fashionable and hang it on your neck. But don’t get me wrong, you’ll never be impervious to bullets wearing those.

 6. Refrain from making unnecessary noise


Our old folks are at it again! They don’t want us to wake them up while they’re napping so shhhhhh and just eat some food.

8. Do not take a bath on Good Friday.


They say evil will befall you if you take a bath but for goodness’ sake, don’t believe this! Please take a bath and just let evil come to you. At least you smell good.

 7. Rain on Easter Sunday has healing powers


Jesus is alive, alive forevermore! Sing in the rain and let your body get soaked. It is said that the rain on Easter Sunday has healing powers so go get wet, especially if you didn’t take a bath on Good Friday.

9. Pilgrimage to Mount Banahaw


Filipinos believe that the water in Mount Banahaw has healing powers. It’s also a nice vacation spot. But don’t get lost there or else:

 10. If you got lost, you’ll not be found until Easter Sunday


Don’t get lost on Holy Week ‘cause chances are, you’ll only be found on Easter Sunday. It’s a reminder that if you plan on going to places you’re unfamiliar with, you should have a company that could guide you. But don’t let this upset your vacation plans, you’ll always have an .

 What about you, what do you believe in?