10 Creative Ways To Cook Fish That You Will Love to Eat

Don’t lose your appetite this season of Lent. Try these fish recipes.
posted on: Tuesday, May 20, 2014
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Since the Philippines have 7,107 islands, it is not surprising that we love to eat fish.

How about a creative twist on your usual pritong isda?

Prepare these exciting recipes:

1. Lumpiang Bangus

lumpia bangus


Lumpia with Bangus inside? Yes. please!

2. Bangus Sardines

sardines bangus


If you think sardines are only found in bottles or cans, just try to prepare this recipe. It’s just easy to cook.

 3. Ginataang Tilapia

ginataang tilapia


Add coconut milk to any dish and it will taste exponentially better. Ginataang Tilapia is just one of the many recipes you can try with coconut milk.

4. Daing na Bangus

daing na bangus


If you love buwad (dried fish) then you’ll definitely love this recipe.

5. Kinilaw na Isda

It’s a dish you can eat raw and any fish can do. Just make sure the fish is fresh!

6. Tortang Isda

tortang isda, fish omelette


Fish omelette is easy to prepare and safe for the budget. Good if you don’t know how to cook.

7. Tuna Patty

tuna patty


Healthier alternative to the usual patty, try this if you love hamburger.

8. Fish Fried Rice

fish fried rice


Rice is the Filipino’s heart and soul when it comes to eating, so it’s no question we have a fish recipe with rice on it. Love your rice and your fish too!

9. Sarciadong Galunggong

sarciadong isda, galunggong


If you have leftover galunggong in your fridge, then try this one.

10. Escabeche!!!



How else to prepare fish? Nothing else, but escabeche!

What can you add on the list?