10 Creepiest Cake Designs That Will Make You Hate Bakers

posted on: Friday, May 23, 2014
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Cakes are indeed special.

They are mostly served on special occasion and their design are surely magnificent… or not.

The cake designs may not look that great and even ugly, but I guarantee you most of them they’re yummy.

Here are the creepiest cake fails that will surely make you hate bakers:

10. “Carrot” cake

imgur, reddit user shivermetimbres

Look guys, it’s a CARROT cake. I’m a man but I’d take piece of this one.

9. Kitty cake

reddit user lolpancakeslol

Just try to imagine it’s a cat ‘cause it is… yeah, it really is.

8. Thomas the train cake

reddit user something_stoopid

It turns out upon further investigation that the baker is a 6-year-old kid.

 7. Good luck bunny cake


It’s meant for good luck. At least they made an effort on the icing to make it look like the bunny’s fur.

6. The poop cake

cakecentral.com, uploaded by jadak

Someone ordered poop cake so the baker delivered.

5. The ‘pustiso demon’ cake

reddit user pokon

I can’t even fathom what kind of animal this baker planned to design.

4. Tiyanak cake

reddit user yoyokid10

This comes straight from your nightmare.

3. Beautiful human cake


God made us in his likeness and this baker just destroyed it.

2. The racist cake


Black cakes surely looks tasty, but this one will make you think twice.

1. Brain cake

reddit user Gr8whitebuffal01

This baby is born a zombie.