10 Different Types Of Mom

Which type of mom is yours?
posted on: Sunday, May 11, 2014
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No question, all of us definitely have a mother but all of them are not created equal.

We might find our neighbor’s mom better than our own, so you think.

Some see their mom in high regard. Others, unfortunately, are not so lucky with their mother.

Which type of mom do you have?

1. The First Timer


She’s anxious since it’s her first baby. Fortunately, there’s her mother to assist and guide her. She might easily panic when something goes wrong, but she forms a great bond with her child.

2. Absentee Mother


She might have left you because she has bigger issues to deal with or she might have passed away when you were young. You might be raised by a guardian (in most cases, your grandmother) but their love doesn’t seem whole. The Absentee Mother can create a void in your heart that no other woman can fill.

3. The Impulsive Type


We always see this type of mother in dramas but sadly, this also happens in real life. She just hates you maybe because your father left her or because you always make her upset. She’s very open with her feelings and sometimes she might get physical. If you always get your mother mad at you, maybe ayaw na ug pabadlong sa imong inahan.

4. The Disciplinarian


The Disciplinarian is very strict. She enforces rules and regulations and doesn’t hesitate to punish you if you failed to follow. She gives you advice and threatens you with “you’ll grow up just like those basureros in the streets”. She might be over-controlling and she reminds you of Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago.

5. Overprotective/Spoiler Mom


She’s more paranoid than a patient in a mental asylum (I might be exaggerating but you get my point). She doesn’t let you go outside and buys you everything you want, from toys to your favorite food.

Children who grew up with overprotective moms tend to have difficulty coping up with life. This type of mom usually comes from a wealthy family, agree?

6. The Perfectionist

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She is the president. She runs the family, from waking up early to cook the best and healthy breakfast to making sure you’re doing well in school.

She always have a busy day but her energy doesn’t seem to run out. She does her role as a mother well but no matter how much she tries to be perfect, she still have flaws, and you love her because of both her strengths and weaknesses.

7. The Single Mom


Or in other terms, a badass mom. She single-handily runs the family while keeping her career unaffected. Children of a single mom think highly of her but she’s unappreciated in the eyes of relatives. She might be better off with a partner but some choose not to.

8. The BFF Mom


She’s kind and she’s your best friend. Even your barkada likes her because she welcomes them in your home. She’s a good mother but some children just don’t see it until it’s too late. She’s very vulnerable to emotional attacks and easily breaks down when things fall apart but still keeps an outward appearance of a joyful mother.

9. The “Average” Mom


She does her mother role with all her heart. She cooks breakfast, gives you baon and do household chores. She never complains about anything nor she does something special. This kind of mother is the unsung hero in this world where recognition is hard to get. We just think of her as a simple part of our life, but we might be wrong – she might plays a huge part of our life and soon we’ll realize that she’s just the perfect mother.

10. The Perfect Mom


Combine all the ideal qualities of a mother and you’ll get the Perfect Mom. Moms like Kris Aquino are the perfect ones, an exemplary model to our society.

Unfortunately, I’m just lying here because such mom doesn’t exist.

If you love your mother, she’s perfect in your eyes. She’s the best mom in the world, but my mom is still the best. Everything’s relative you know.

This Mother’s Day learn to appreciate your mom and maybe… give her a surprise gift?

There’s so many things you can do to make her happy no matter what kind of mother she is.

Happy Mother’s Day!