10 Easy Tipid Tricks You’ve Probably Done To Save Money

Being practical can really save you a lot of money.
posted on: Friday, November 21, 2014
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Why don’t you try these tipid tricks if you’re having a problem saving money? These things are easy to do!

1. Smelly armpit? Use tawas instead of branded deodorants!



Well, the effect is just the same, right? Your armpit won’t smell like vinegar and it’s 10x cheaper than branded deodorant.


2. Using the same toothbrush for over a year… No, don’t say “Ewww!”

toothbrush in boiling water tipid


Just put it in boiling water to disinfect. Now the bristles are softer and it’s safe to use.


3. Buying shampoo sachets then pouring it into an empty shampoo bottle.

shampoo sachets


I don’t have the price list but sachet is cheaper per volume than buying a shampoo bottle. It’s practical!

Rappler has an article about it.


4. BYOB (Bringing your own baon) at school/work.

baon tipid trick


Why eat in fastfood or canteen when you could taste your momma’s home cooked meal?


5. Drink a lot of water. Seriously, it can ease the feeling of an empty stomach.

pnoy drinking water


Water is free in your school/work office, right? Besides, drinking a lot of water is healthy.


6. Don’t watch movies in cinemas. Just wait for its DVD release. ^_^

pirated dvds in the philippines

Sydney Snoeck

You know… torrent/download… pirated DVDs…

It’s really worth the wait if you could save a hundred bucks for the movie ticket. Plus, no more annoying moviegoers!


7. Don’t go grocery shopping with an empty stomach.

grocery shopping


The smell of Jollibee chicken joy inside the mall might tempt you to eat in a fast food restaurant. You WILL not want to empty your wallet before the next salary day.


8. If you’re sosyal, avoid Starbucks just for the sake of Instragramming.


Chelle via Flickr

3 in 1 coffee just costs about P6 compared to Starbucks which costs P150. And STAY AWAY from friends who always want to be treated to Starbucks!

Alternatively, you can just buy a Starbucks mug and put generic coffee on it and TAKE a picture of it.


9. Leftover water from washing your clothes can be used to flush your toilet.

leftover water to flush toilet


Simple, yet practical!


10. Walking/Biking your way to work and vice versa!

biking to work


One of the best tipid tip! Biking offers free exercise, travel fare, and you can squeeze your way out of traffic! Buy a bike now!

Meanwhile, walking to your office if it’s a short distance from where you are can help you save a lot of money.


What other easy to do tipid tricks do you know? Share it in the comments below!