10 Things You Should Not Miss When In Argao, Cebu. Number 2, A Must.

Are you planning on a vacation? You should definitely go to Argao!
posted on: Thursday, June 19, 2014
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Nothing beats a place rich in heritage, culture and natural wonders.

Located in southeastern Cebu, Argao is  the best place to retreat from the busy life of urban city.

When you visit Argao, you will have a rustic feeling that will surely help relax your tired body.

cabicera de argao


Are you on vacation and looking for a hotspot to visit?

Look no further, visit Argao and experience these exciting places or try these awesome delicacies first hand:

1. Beach

argao beach


If you look at the map, Argao is located at the edge of Cebu, so what does it mean? Beaches! And the beaches are not just brown sand beaches like Liloan, they’re white sand baby!

2. Bugasok Falls

Bugasok Falls


Escape the busy urban life. Bathe in a waterfall. You will like it more here because Bugasok Falls is not far from a cave that you can also explore.

3. Maria Cacao of Mt. Lantoy

Maria Cacao is said to be the most beautiful woman who lived in the mountains of Argao. She is believed to own the largest cocoa tree plantation in that place.

mount lantoy of argao cebu

Flickr, photo by Sandy Gabutin

A lot of tourists visit Mt. Lantoy to do some mountain climbing.

How about you? Would you climb Mt. Lantoy in search for that mythical engkantada? Or would you go looking for Maria Cacao and ask for some delicious tablea?

4. San Miguel Arcangel Church in Argao

The San Miguel Arcangel Church in Argao is one of the oldest church of the country.

san miguel arcangel church in argao

Flickr | Ermelo Villareal Jr.

But there’s more to it from the inside. The ceiling of the church is a work of art. Remember Sistine Chapel in Vatican City? Looks familiar?

You will also find a notable difference of painting style on the upper half and lower half of the painting.

san miguel arcangel church in argao interior

Flickr | Ermelo Villareal Jr.

It is because the paintings were actually created by two different muralists, Raymudo Francia and Canuto Avila. They were said to be two of the best church muralists of their time.

5. Argao Hall of Justice

argao hall of justice

Photo by junrebayla via pinopi.com

Argao Hall of Justice is known for its meter-thick coral-stone walls.

In the past, the hall was used as a school building for church worker’s children. Then, it was used as barracks in the Second World War.

6. Stone Castle

stone castle in argao

Yahoo PH News

Want to feel medieval? Travel no further. In Argao, you can visit a stone castle complete with medieval knights and kings.

7. Argao Nature Park

argao nature park in cebu


Okay. Close your eyes. Imagine the trees, serene water, mist. Oh, smell that fresh air. Wow, this is what mother nature has to offer. Hurry, turn that imagination into reality when you visit Argao Nature Park.

ziplining in argao nature park in cebu


Seriously, you should go there. The entrance fee is like what, five pesos? You can also zipline there for thirty pesos.

8. Skimboarding

Skimboarding is like surfing but in shallow waters. Interested? Check out this video:

9. Caving

agta cave in argao cebu

triptabai.com, page by Mark Gallardo

This is the best part when you visit Argao. The cave known as ‘Balay sa Agta‘ (creepy name, yeah) will definitely make you want to become an explorer.

agta cave in argao cebu


Agta Cave is one of the largest cave systems in the province of Cebu.

10. Torta, Tablea, Bahalina

When you visit Argao, you should grab some of these Argao pasalubong items.

Argao is known for its tablea (left) or cocoa tablet. You can make a good hot sikwati (chocolate drink) or delicious champorado (chocolate rice) from it. You can also eat it raw since it’s sinfully tasty already.

argao pasalubong

Torta de Argao (upper right) has become a livelihood opportunity of the locals. It is considered the primary product of the town.

Bahalina (bottom right)  is a coconut wine similar to Tuba. If you have enough of the usual alcoholic beverages in the metropolis, you should try this one. Just remember, drink responsibly.

Explore these interesting places and try their tasty delicacies.

I suggest, go now and discover them yourself. Be amazed with what Argao has to offer!