10 Interesting Facts About President Ferdinand Marcos

President Ferdinand Marcos has been one of the most famous Filipino President. Let’s get to know more about the dictator with these interesting facts.
posted on: Thursday, September 11, 2014
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Today, we mark the 97th birthday of former President Ferdinand Marcos.

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Despite being “demonized” in Philippine history books, I’ve read that some post-Marcos Filipino netizens praised him saying “he’s the best president ever…”

On this day, let’s see what interesting things we can dig about the Filipino dictator:

1. He received a death sentence for premeditated murder.


In 1938, Ferdinand, along with his father, brother and brother-in-law, was prosecuted for the of their political rival, Julio Nalundasan. Ferdinand and his brother-in-law received the death penalty but were acquitted by the Supreme Court.

2. He got the highest score ever attained in the Bar Exams.


He topped the 1939 Bar Exam with a score of . His score was so high some quarters raised the the possibility of cheating, prompting the Supreme Court to step-in and re-calibrate his score to 92.35%.

3. He reviewed for the Bar Exam while in prison.


Marcos was imprisoned for the murder of Nalundasan, preventing from attending weeks of classes. It did not stop him to review for his bar examinations and out in order to take the exam.

4. He is the last Senate President to become President of the Philippines.


The current Senate President of the 16th Congress is Frank Drilon.

Marcos became Senator after serving as member of the House of Representatives for  then later became the Minority Floor Leader before gaining the Senate Presidency.

5. He was inaugurated four times.


He was on 1965, 1969 and 1981 in Quirino Grandstand while his last inauguration was held on February 25, 1986 in Malacañan Palace.

6. He banned Voltes V… T_T


The beloved anime was first aired in the Philippines in 1978 but was banned by Marcos a year later, saying that it was  for children. Some believe it was because Marcos was afraid that Voltes V’s story involving an aristocratic empire and its oppressed masses reflected his dictatorship in the country.

7. He delivered the most SONAs.


Isn’t it obvious? President Marcos delivered . The second placer is President Arroyo with 9.

8. He claimed to have led a guerrilla resistance unit during the World War II.


Throughout his political career, President Marcos has portrayed himself as a guerrilla leader, and the image has been central to his political appeal. However, U.S. records show that they found no foundation for Marcos’s claims.

9. His closest and most powerful advisers were collectively named “Rolex 12”.


These military officials were personally handpicked by Marcos during the Martial Law. These were:

  • Defense Minister Juan Ponce Enrile
  • Philippine Constabulary chief Maj. Gen. Fidel V. Ramos
  • National Intelligence Security Authority chief Maj. Gen. Fabian Ver
  • Lt. Col. Eduardo “Danding” Cojuangco, Jr.
  • Army chief Maj. Gen. Rafael Zagala
  • Constabulary vice-chief Brig Gen. Tomas Diaz
  • Armed Forces Chief of Staff Gen. Romeo Espino
  • Air Force chief Maj. Gen. Jose Rancudo
  • Navy chief Rear Admiral Hilario Ruiz
  • ISAFP chief Brig. Gen. Ignacio Paz
  • Metrocom chief Brig Gen. Alfredo Montoya
  • Rizal province Constabulary head Col. Romeo Gatan

But contrary to the , Marcos gave them Omega watches, not Rolex.

10. He commissioned a large bust to immortalize himself.


It used to jut out of a mountainside in Benguet province. Sadly, the concrete was destroyed by unknown perpetrators — possibly left-wing activists, local tribes or looters hunting for Marcos’s legendary treasure.

He lived a very interesting life so here’s a bonus:

He had an affair with American actress …

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So, for those who never lived to experience the Marcos era, how do you see him?