10 Interesting Facts About President Sergio Osmeña

Let’s know more about the only Cebuano President of the Philippines.
posted on: Tuesday, September 9, 2014
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Sergio Osmeña, the Grand Old Man of Cebu.

sergio osmena


This Cebuano politician became the first Visayan President of the Philippines and this day, we commemorate his birthday by declaring September 9 as a Special Non-Working Holiday in Cebu.

So here are some interesting facts about the fourth President of the Philippines:

1. He was an illegitimate child and believed to be the son of the Cebu Chinese community leader.

sergio osmena and don gotiaoco


The late president used his mother’s surname. He was believed to be the son of of Chinese tycoon Don Pedro Lee Gotiaoco, who was the ancestor of the prominent Chinese clans of Cebu, namely Gokongwei and Gaisano.

2. During his term, the Philippine flag was slightly… “different”.

philippine war flag


His term was during the World War II, so the Philippine flag was flown upside-down to symbolize wartime.

3. He was a lawyer who placed second in the 1903 Bar Examination.

osmena, general harrison and quezon


Meanwhile, his fellow former President Manuel Quezon placed fourth.

4. He was the oldest Filipino President to hold office.

osmena inauguration


He held the office at the age of 65 following the sudden death of Quezon (suffered from tuberculosis). Fidel Ramos was the second, having been elected President at the age of 64.

5. He only delivered one SONA during his term as President.

osmena sona 1945

govph twitter

To be fair, he was in office for less than two years, from August 1, 1944 – May 28, 1946. He delivered his speech on June 9, 1945.

6. During the 1946 elections, he refused to actively campaign.

osmena and roxas


In his run against Manuel Roxas for Presidency, he refused to actively campaign saying that the Filipino people knew his reputation. He lost that election.

7. He was the youngest Governor of Cebu.

sergio osmena


After passing the bar, Osmeña started his political career at the age of 25 when he was elected Governor of Cebu Province.

8. Upon retirement, he was given a security team but refused.



All former Presidents of the Philippines are automatically accorded a presidential security detail from the presidential Security Group. Osmeña refused this privilege, saying that he just wanted a simple life.

9. He is buried in Manila North Cemetery.

osmena tomb


He is interred there along with two other Presidents – Manuel Roxas and Ramon Magsaysay.

10. His inauguration as the fourth President of the Philippines was filmed.

Happy Osmeña Day everyone!