10 Favorite Expressions of Bisdaks

These are the kick-ass ways Bisdaks express their emotions!
posted on: Wednesday, November 27, 2013

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Expressions make our day to day conversations more colorful.

Bisdaks (from the words Bisaya and Dako to refer to people who speak the Visayan dialect) are frequently heard saying expressions as a way of letting others know how they feel.

Here are some expressions of bisdaks that you might find interesting.

1. Pag chure oi!

The word chur comes from the English word sure. So when you hear a Bisdak asking you “pag chure oi,” he just want to confirm if you are sure of what you’re talking about.

2. Sus, Ginoo ko!

Sus is a shortcut of the name Jesus while Ginoo means God. This expression is commonly used when Bisdaks get frustrated, scared, or surprised.

3. Stor-bot!

It comes from the words istorya and botbot. Combining both means that someone’s tale is a lie or far to incredible to be believed.

4. Mirisi!

It’s Bisdak’s way of telling you that you got your share of karma.

5. Hastang!

It’s an expression similar to “Sus, Ginoo ko!” and is usually verbalized when a Bisdak is frustrated.

6. Peste!

Just take the first four letters and you’ll know what I mean.

7. Inatay!

The root word for this expression comes from atay or liver. Other variations for this expression are ataya, ataka, etc. When mad or irritated, you will likely hear a Bisdak shout this word.

8. Hasula!

It’s an expression which means that a Bisdak is experiencing or will experience an inconvenience.

9. Hayahaya ah!

It’s a Bisdak’s way of saying that your current condition is very relaxed and chill.

10. Samuka oi!

This expression is usually heard when a Bisdak is bothered or pestered by your presence.