10 Favorite Pinoy Pulutan During Drinking Sessions

I know you want these for your tagay session!
posted on: Saturday, September 27, 2014
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Pulutan is by definition, the snack people eat during a tagay (drinking) session. It literally translates to “something that is picked up”, referring to how the snack is picked up with bare hands.

Pulutan (Sumsuman in Cebuano) adds flavor not just to the liquor but to the conversation. An unwritten rule of tagay states that whoever buys the drink should also buy the pulutan.

So here are some of Filipino favorite pulutan that will surely make your drinking session more flavorful:

1. Peanuts


Peanut (specifically roasted peanut) is one of the most common pulutan because it’s yummy, salty, cheap and readily available in your suking tindahan.

My uncle’s favorite was Beer Nuts.

2. Chicharon


Whatever variety of chicharon will do be it basic, chicken or bulaklak. Just don’t eat too much chicharon because it’s very high in cholesterol.

3. Sisig


is a dish made of parts of pig’s head and liver, seasoned with calamansi and chili pepers.

A little expensive to serve but oh, sisig is one of the best pulutan out there.

4. Corn Nuts


Do you prefer Safari or Boy Bawang?

5. Sinugba


There’s grilled pork and chicken, but it’s usually grilled fish that’s served in tagay sessions. Add soy sauce as your sawsawan and you’re ready to go!

6. Kinilaw


Kinilaw means ‘raw’. Raw fish plus vinegar and spices (especially onions) would make a great pulutan. It’s sour taste complements well with beer.

7. Kropek


Prawn crackers, a snack that’s crunchy and tasty.

It’s easy to prepare – there are kropek brands that are ready to cook. Just fry them for a few minutes and voilà!.

8. Shrimp


Nilasing na Hipon can be translated as drunken shrimp. It refers to a recipe where the shrimps are marinated in liquor to make it more flavorful. A good cook can easily prepare this.

9. Barbecue


Barbecue stands are everywhere around the street.

Chicken intestine and blood are among the favorite barbecue pulutan.

10. Any leftover viand from the host’s house

jecstrike via Flickr

It’s not a problem if it’s several hours old as long as it’s not yet spoiled. Just reheat that dish and it’s ready to serve.

Tagay na!