10 Filipino Christmas Myths You Probably Believed When You Were Young

Filipino myths about Christmas, there’s no harm in practicing these!
posted on: Wednesday, December 17, 2014
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Let’s all admit it, we used to be or are still very superstitious. It’s okay, it’s always been a part of our culture.

Here are some Filipino Christmas myths we believed when we were younger:


1. Don’t wash away the blessings


They say it’s unwise to take a bath on Christmas Day because doing so will wash away the blessings. And not just on Christmas, but also after attending a mass (mostly observed in Cebu and Samar).


2. Stretch and grow taller


Stretching in bed upon waking up on Christmas Day and Easter Sunday mornings will make you grow taller. Try it!

3. Jump! Jump! Jump!


Okay, I myself is guilty of this: Children are told to jump on Christmas and New Year’s Eve to grow taller.

Trust me, but no approved therapeutic claims!


4. The “Healing” Rain


The first onset of rain from midnight of December 24th to 25th are collected in a bucket. It is believed that the drops of rain are miraculous and have healing powers (mostly observed in Sorsogon).

*sneezes right after*


5. Lucky baby!


Those babies born on Christmas Day are regarded as lucky. Folks visit and bring presents as they believe that this will bring luck to them as well.


6. Spoil the children!


Okay, I like this one. Parents would give anything their child asks for on Christmas Day, because they are God’s favorite creation and refusing to satisfy their request may anger God. But-but I’m not a baby anymore! *Sigh*


7.  The early birds’ reward


Rising early in the morning of Christmas Day will bring wealth (mostly observed in Iloilo and Capiz).

*sets alarm clock at 1 AM*


8. Gooey, gummy delicacy


A white, gooey, bubblegum-like treat Misalubong is served. The more it sticks when eaten, the better luck  you will have (mostly practiced in Pampanga).


9. New shoes!!!


Wearing new shoes (also shirts) for Christmas Mass shows respect for the Holy Child Jesus and brings good luck and gives the person a chance to travel (mostly in Cebu and Laguna).

Wait, should I wear Vans or Converse?


 10. No frowns allowed here!


Smile and never frown on Christmas Day, for a frown would make the day longer and gives bad luck to the barrio (mostly observed in Iloilo).

I believe this one!



Whether you believe these or not, let’s just respect the ones who practice it. Besides, it’s Christmas! Everyone should be happy!