10 Filipino Exotic Dishes That You Might Want To Try

Eating exotic food adds spice to your boring life! (So don’t you dare throw up on my face!)
posted on: Monday, December 2, 2013

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Filipinos absolutely love to eat! When it comes to food, Filipinos can certainly offer something exotic to the taste buds. If you’re tired of eating the typical cuisine always served in carenderias and restaurants, make a checklist and try these 10 Filipino exotic dishes that are worth a try.

1. Butete Tugak from Pampanga – deep-fried frogs stuffed with ground pork

2. Abuos in Ilocos – a delicacy in Ilocos made of ant egg, usually served as adobo, sauteed with garlic, or eaten raw

3. Adobong kamaru in Pampanga – mole crickets served as adobo or deep-fried

4. Ginataang kuhol – native escargo snail cooked in coconut milk

5. Adobong salagubang in Nueva Ecija – appetizer or pulutan (beer match) made of june bugs

6. Salawaki from Bohol – fresh sea urchin that can be eaten raw

7. Adobong uok in Rizal – beetle larvae cooked as adobo

8. Pinawikan or ginataang Kabayo in Dumaguete – horse meat with coconut milk

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9. Adobong sawa – python meat cooked as adobo

10. Kinilaw na tamilok in Palawan and Aklan – shipworm or woodworm dipped in salt and vinegar and eaten raw

What would you love to have for dinner?