10 Filipino Practices That Foreigners Immediately Notice (Part 2)

Why do foreigners love the Philippines? It’s because of everything!
posted on: Friday, July 11, 2014
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According to most foreigners, Filipinos are one of the sweetest people in the world.

I 100% agree with that, so if you happen to visit our country, always pay attention to everything around you.

Have fun noticing these Filipino practices and mannerisms:

1. Filipinos can’t live without rice. Rice is as important as the air they breathe.

Flickr | Rachel


2. Wherever you go, whether it’s a street vendor or a waiter, they will always call you MAM/SER!

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3. There’s not a single Filipino conversation without the word “KUWAN”.



4. Almost all Filipinos have an extra body part called cellphone which they use mostly for texting.

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5. When meeting someone while walking, Filipinos nod their head without saying a word. Fast nod means “How’s your pamily?”. Slow nod means “If you tats my daughter I kill you!” (From Rex Navarrete)

Youtube | komikero channel


6. Dogs aren’t just the ones that bark, Filipinos too. They are called ‘barkers’ and are loved by jeepney drivers but hated by passengers.



7. When a Filipino offers you food, they are serious about it. If you decline, they will force you to take it.



8. There are two things that are unlimited in the Philippines: Filipino hospitality and the unlimited rice in fast food restaurants.



9. Manny Pacquiao is their pride and hero. Insult him and you’ll get kicked out.



10. Earthquake, supertyphoon, no matter what kind of situation they are in, Filipinos always have time to smile.

Kevin Prudon

You may call it strange or funny, but Filipinos in general are nice people. Have fun while your vacation lasts!