10 Wedding Traditions Filipinos Never Fail To Practice

Wherever FIlipinos are in the world, they always carry with them their culture and traditions.
posted on: Sunday, September 7, 2014


Call us superstitious but Filipinos have really colorful traditions. Though some are weird while some are fascinating, they will always be passed down from generation to generation.

I’m currently residing in the US and Fil-Am communities always try their best to keep the traditional Filipino wedding – it’s fun to educate non-Filipino guests these wedding traditions:

1. Groom-to-be goes to his fiancée’s house with his parents to ask the bride’s parents for her hand in marriage.


2. Bride-to-be’s parents throw a  (goodbye to spinsterhood) a few days or weeks before the wedding.

Joel Francisco Photography | joelfrancisco.com.ph

3. The groom is not allowed to see the bride trying on the wedding gown.


4. The bride wears something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and a silver sixpence on her shoe.


5. The coin bearer symbolizes the groom’s “promise” to support the family financially. It’s also for good luck.


6. The veil and cord serve to bind the couple’s love for one another.


7. The candle serves to light the couple’s path. Nowadays, there are three candles; the unity candles symbolize God in the midst of their lives.

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8. On the wedding day, the groom is forbidden to see his wife-to-be.


9. If it rains on the wedding day, old folks say it’s good luck, some say it means lots of children.


10. In Cebu, to prevent rain on that special day, we would bring a dozen eggs to the Carmelite Sisters to pray for a good weather. (I don’t know if it’s done here in the US).


Well, the best part of a traditional Filipino wedding is the invitation of families and friends which consist of the whole barrio!

Filipino traditions are really fun, what d’ya think?