10 Fun Gay Lingo Words You Should Know

Let’s learn some bongang-bongang words in a major major language!
posted on: Monday, November 24, 2014
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There are hundreds of languages in the Philippines, not counting Jejemon and the Gay Language. Why don’t we learn some new words from Gay Lingo?

I tried learning them, you know… for science and knowledge… Don’t be offended, this is just for fun!

1. Gay Lingo also has regional versions…

gay lingo

keithrandal via Instagram

Tito Boy Abunda: Gays from Tacloban, KAYO NA!


2. A phrase for old people that can be understood by bagets…

enrile in gay lingo


Pronounced as “TANDA CATS”! Yeah, I capitalized it for emphasis! I heard Enrile underwent stem cell therapy to remove his wrinkles.


3. “Chaka” is sooo outdated. Use this one instead!

gay lingo aglipay


A nice fusion of two words. I’ll guarantee you that she won’t be offended!


4. A whole new meaning to the Prof. Xavier’s mutant group…

x men in gay lingo

Bekinary facebook page

I might become one if I keep on learning more gay lingo words… 


5. Are you in a relationship? How cute!

kathryn bernardo and daniel padilla


You better not cheat on your Jowabella!


6. When you’re leaving, leave with a blast!

gay lingo vocabulary

The Official Channel (Z1PsSsR) youtube channel

It’s from this very educational video.


7. We’ve all experienced this back in high school!

borgy manotoc in gay lingo


Even Marcos’s grandson wasn’t spared…


8. So, how was your day, teh?

gay lingo

via Twitter

You go figure out what each means! It’s easy, example – Jumulanis Morisette – ulan – rain!


9. “I fillet like eating in pungko-pungko!”

fillet in gay lingo

Bekinary facebook page

Feeling ng saging might also work!


10. True or false in exam? Why don’t you add more flavor to it?

true or false in gay lingo

via Twitter

NO, NO, don’t answer your true or false questions like this unless you want to get zero!

So now, are ready to communicate with flamboyance?