10 Funny Bisaya Captions To Complete Your Day

Hahaha! I just love being a Bisdak!
posted on: Thursday, October 2, 2014
Kevin Maglinte
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Let’s celebrate our own language because… why not?

If you’re having a bad day, just remember that there is someone out there that’s having a worse day than yours.

Anyways, let me cheer you up with these funny Bisaya quotes and jokes!

1. This hapless Bisaya mistranslation…

funny bisaya quotes


2. Yes, I agree with you… BISAYA has more PAWIR…

funny bisaya caption


3.Adtu ta’g 7-11 na! Ali dayun!

funny cebuano pronunciation

Patrix Pix via cebuafterhours.wordpress.com

4. #hashtagconyospeak (did I do it right?)

rich and poor cebuano kid difference

grabbed from Facebook

5. Good advice! #medyomaldito

be happy

Bisaya Inspiring Photos facebook page

6. Ladlad na lang, uy! (I’m not implying that this guy is hiding something, but everyone is insinuating it)

funny piolo caption


7. Uhmmm, I have long nails… (because I’m too lazy to trim them…)

funny quote


8. I always drink coffee!

funny intsik names


9. Just stay away from mirrors, like what I do!

funny quotes


10. Ouch, ayaw sad ing anaa uy!

funny bisdak caption

Bisaya Inspiring Photos facebook page

What other funny Bisaya quotes and jokes do you know?

Let me know! Teksi ko plis!