10 Funny Memes That Truly Define Our Sembreak

Enjoy it or not, sembreaks usually end up like these memes.
posted on: Monday, October 20, 2014
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Happy #sembreak everyone!

How do you expect your week-long break would be?

I bet they would turn out like these:

1. Every damn semestral break. What’s new out there?

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2. Grade? What is that thing?



3. The important question is… do you have money?

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4. Channel the inner Elsa in you…



5. Sembreak: Expectations vs Reality

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6. When other schools start their sembreak early…



7. When you’re already working… like me (pa-hug!)

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8. I call this a peaceful truce…

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9. Me too! Me too…

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10. The real meaning behind SEMBREAK:

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The bottom line, my friends, is to enjoy your semestral break… just like me… oh wait, I’m not in school anymore! T_T