10 Gruesome Parasites That Could Be In Your Body Right Now

See for yourself!
posted on: Monday, December 9, 2013
Kevin Maglinte
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Stop! Don’t scroll down if you don’t want to be disgusted or traumatized! This post can be absolutely disgusting but if you are brave enough, you may proceed with caution.

Those teeny weeny parasites can be terrible in more ways than one. They can be disgusting and horrendous too because of the effects they can bring to our bodies. These little monsters could ruin your day!

1. Fish-like parasites that can destroy your urethra

Oh, look at those little fishes! Wait, why are they red? Is that blood?! Now you may ask how can these cute little fishes be a terrible nightmare fuel?


Well, these little suckers could destroy your faith in nature. They could find their way into your urethra and could grow there eating you from the .


2. Itchy Ass

Also known as “kigwa” in Bisaya. These parasites are annoying as hell. Seriously they are… Trust me I know! They spread through human contact. You usually get them when you don’t wash your hands well.


3. Head Lice

Head lice or “kuto” in Bisaya. Lice usually infest women because of their long hair. You get them through shared pillows, combs and other objects that come in contact with your head.


4. Elephant Body

Filarial worm is a parasite that causes your body to swell up like an elephant, hence the name elephantiasis for the disease. This terrible parasite can send your lymphatic system back into its crib. It clogs up your lymphs (“Lisay” in Bisaya), turning your feet into this. It usually takes about nine months for this disease to show some symptoms.


You get them through these guys!


5. Is that a string?!

No, that is a worm sticking out from his foot. Guinea worm is a  parasite that burrows down from your   intestine through your feet. You get them through unfiltered water.

6. A parasite that can destroy your face

A parasite called Mucocutaneous leishmaniasis likes to hang around in your mucus membrane. They eat your      flesh until your face collapses.

 You can get this through a sand fly.


7. African Eye Worm

We’ve been to worms that hangs in your ass  and in your lymph nodes but this worm hangs out in your eye ball! It doesn’t usually cause blindness; it just slides around .


8. River Blindness

This worm on the other hand is different. This worm, Onchocerca volvulus, will definitely blind you.

9. Parasites that burrow inside you

Behold the human bot fly maggot. The mature fly lays its eggs on a human flesh. The eggs then hatch and the maggots drill down the flesh and eat it until they’re mature enough to leave.


10. Fleas that burrow

Fleas are common, but Chigoe fleas are different because they destroy your feet. Why, you say? Simply because   they are horrible monsters.


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