10 Seemingly Hard Christmas Problems That Are Easy To Solve

What will you do when you face these problems?
posted on: Thursday, December 11, 2014
Eliezer Sanchez
music enthusiast, self-proclaimed writer. #PopPunk isn't dead!

We all think that December is just all about party and fun, right? But actually, it’s not true for all of us. Some might be in their knees trying to figure out how to face these “hard” problems. Can you relate?

1. Brand A or B?


‘Tis a season of exchanging gifts and you really don’t know what to buy… Follow your heart.


2. Wish list… Seriously?


When your Manito or Manita has this very expensive wish list. There’s probably a cheaper version of it if you just search.


3. Which one?


Decision-making is crucial, especially when you have one too many parties to attend and you don’t know what to wear on each of these parties (so it won’t look like you’re repeating what you wore yesterday).


Think in advance…


Anticipate the decors in the place where the party is held, and also the motif/theme. Para ‘di magmukhang terno! Haha!


4. Accounting 101


How to budget when you have lots and lots of stuff to buy. Simple:do the math!


5. No Shape December


December  is synonymous to ‘Eat All You Can’! But after those bountiful feasts comes the dilemma of losing weight. Right, girls?


6. For the students out there


How to focus on final exams when you’re already thinking and itching of all that food and paaarrttyyy!!!

Reality Check: Test pa ugma uie! Pagtuon na run!


7. Talking to your boss


When you have to work during Christmas Day. Dammit!

Quickly formulate a reason why you’re ill, might be diarrhea or whatever!


8. Wake up for God’s sake! Literally!


Overcoming sleepiness and waking up early during Misa de Gallo. Well, to wake up early, you need to sleep early.


9. Kinsa’y manghugas?!


The day after Christmas, when all those dishes are piled up.

Just a suggestion: Ayaw’g pakita sa imong mama. Hah!


10. How to spend your 13th month pay


You’ve made a list but still confused? Consult your mother ’cause mothers know best!


But seriously, all these problems are just so self-centered and superficial. The true problem we have nowadays  is to dig up again in our hearts, the true meaning of Christmas.


So ask yourself: Am I really celebrating Christmas?