10 Hilarious Commercials That Can Make You Puke Or Crave…Doritos!

Here are some crazy commercials brought to you by Doritos.
posted on: Friday, December 6, 2013
Kevin Maglinte
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The sound of the cracking chips and cheese sticking on your fingers is what makes this delicious guilty pleasure called Doritos irresistible. Not only does Doritos makes good chips, they also make hilarious commercials! A little warning, though, some of them could make you cringe or get you curious about trying out Doritos.

1. If you love Doritos, dude, make sure to buy your own finger cleaner!

2. A good Doritos is definitely a good bait.

3. Being a valet isn’t a boring job anymore.

4. Awww.. This is so cute!

5. Don’t ever buy a goat.

6. The best part!

7. (CATUION:NSFW) I’d choose the hot girl for sure.

8. Doritos is so damn powerful.

9. Don’t mess with a samurai!

10. We all go through that phase.

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