10 Hilarious Signs You Might Have Noticed When Riding A Jeepney

We always have time to laugh, even in rush hours.
posted on: Monday, November 10, 2014
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Most of us want to buy a car – if we have the money. While we’re still dreaming about it, agwanta sa ‘tag jeep.

Most of us might always have a lousy jeepney ride experience but there are times when the signs are enough to make us feel better:

1. You can forget about your neighbor’s debt, just not the fare. But some college students are notorious for not paying the fare (mamukungay).

jeepney driver quote

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2. What about the boys, manoy drayber? Should they shout “Captain Barbell?”

riding off a jeepney



3. So… may asim pa si manoy drayber? Or is he just a very good cook?

funny sign



4. This manoy drayber is conyo… and where are the strings?

conyo jeepney driver



5. Basta driver, sweet lover! Trust them girls!

funny jeepney quote



6. Don’t give in to temptation indeed! Money is more important!

funny jeepney quotes



7. The classic jeepney sign. In my experience, the ‘No Smoking’ Policy is always broken first by the driver.

god knows hudas not pay



8. Manoy drayber is being Pontio Pilato in this one. Well, girls, YOU HAVEĀ BEEN WARNED!

funny jeepney sign about virginity

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9. Hey, hey, no discrimination! What about handsome guys like me?

jeepney sign



10. One of the best signs and my worst nightmare… No farting please!

jeepney sign about farting



As what the drivers would say, “Walang personalan, trabaho lang”. Don’t take these signs seriously!