10 Hilarious Manny Pacquiao Memes Made By Those Who Love And Hate Him

Let’s have a laughtrip before the much awaited match!
posted on: Saturday, November 15, 2014
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Manny Pacquiao’s with Chris Algieri is just a week from now! How would you survive the wait?


1. Posted by Floyd Mayweather on Instagram:

floydmayweather instagram

It has the caption: This is my Christmas card to the world… Happy Sleepy Holidays zzzzzzzzzzzz


2. As a resbak by Manny:

Twitter @Boxing_Memes

Mommy D’s voodoo magic is really damn effective!

HBO via Youtube


3. #BisayaPronunciation, uki ra na Maneh!

Pinoy Memes & Gags facebook page

Si Ben 11? More like !


4. Congratulations Manny! You beat Bradley!


Now you beat Marquez next!


5. I’ll never get why Rios would provoke Manny.


You deserve that punch!


6. If Juan doesn’t want to fight, there’s still Joey!


If Pacquiao can be both a boxer and an actor, why not Joey Marquez?


7. Why the hell did Timothy Bradley win?!


Are hugs counted in the result?


8. Rematch! 4 matches aren’t enough to determine who’s the better boxer!


I can wait till 2100!

9. If only Manny was the one who brought pancit to the condo…



10. He’s ready to die… then suddenly, this?



Anyway, do you best Manny!