10 Holy Week Cuisine That Should Be On Your Table

If you plan on fasting this holy week, then you should think twice when you read this.
posted on: Sunday, April 6, 2014
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Holy week is a season of fasting and abstaining from red meat.

However, if you think fasting is too mainstream but still keep the tradition of not eating red meat, then you always have the following alternatives:

10. Ensaymada


Every Filipino loves ensaymada. Be it with cheese or without, the soft sensation when you chew each bite makes you forget about pork and beef.

9. Buwad


Cheap and affordable, buwad is a good alternative to meat but just make sure you don’t have hypertension!

8. Escabeche


A favorite fish dish, escabeche’s sweet and sour flavor makes it palatable to the Filipino taste. Two thumbs up!

7. Utan Bisaya


Now is the right time to eat veggies! A nice hot utan bisaya will make your tummy happy and healthy.

6. Puto


There are many varieties of puto being served everywhere–puto bumbong, puto maya, puto diri, puto didto. Whatever happens, this is a must on your what-to-eat list.

5. Kalamay


A delicacy from Bohol, you usually spread it on sliced bread or you can eat it without accompaniment. Your choice…but I definitely prefer the latter!

4. Budbud


Oh budbud, a delicious delicacy delicately wrapped in banana leaf. Some are made in glutinous rice and some in cassava. Whichever you prefer, this one will tickle your taste buds.

3. Bibingka


Generally served during Christmas, there’s no stopping you serving this beloved delicacy on Holy Week. But what makes bibingka special? Is it because of its right amount of sweetness, its burnt color, or because of the banana leaf placed under it?

2. Biko


Definitely one of the best rice delicacies, many crave for biko in every occasion. Anyone whose mama knows how to cook this has the best mama in the world!

1. Binignit


The greatest sin anyone can ever commit is failing to serve binignit on Holy Week.

This dish replaces rice as the staple food during Semana Santa.

Don’t you ever fail to serve this or your friends and family would hate you eternally.

Do I need to describe how binignit tastes? No need to. 10/10 would eat again.

In this special occasion, I always take time to reflect on the food that I eat.

What about you, what dish do you plan to eat this holy week, or do you prefer to fast?