10 Horrible Reasons Why You Should Stay Away From Firecrackers

After reading this, will you still light up firecrackers on the eve of New Year?
posted on: Tuesday, December 31, 2013
Kevin Maglinte
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Fireworks had been part of a tradition longer than when I was born. Some says it is due to the Chinese influence and others says it is from the Spanish. Regardless of its origin, we all know one thing–it’s fun! With all the fun that you have when lighting a “super lolo” or a “watusi”, are you fully aware of the dangers you encounter for every firecracker you light?

1.  If you’re not a pro at handling firecrackers, you’ll get blown to bits.

2. If you’re not lucky enough, you’ll get poison.


3. Better inhale cigarette smoke than firecrackers fumes. On second thought, cigarette smoke is still awful. So clean air is the best option!

4. Stray rockets can cause fire!

Yes those are fireworks

5. The noise can traumatize the children.


6. Oh, the poor dogs!


7. We all have the right to sleep!


8. Precious water is wasted when we light up illegal firecrackers.


9. Dangerous “kagar” firecrackers can be picked up unwittingly by children.

10. Look at that morning clutter!


What can you add to the list?