10 Hottest Pinay Celebrity Moms

They might be moms, but I bet they’re sexier than your girlfriend.
posted on: Sunday, May 11, 2014
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They don’t let pregnancy get in their way to staying sexy.

These celebrity moms will surely make your hot day hotter.

Disclaimer: This list is in no particular order!

1. Regine Tolentino


The celebrity mom who always never fails to deliver her sensual dances, Regine Tolentino still remains curvy despite being a mom and a family woman.

Her amazing talent in dancing is what keeps her sexiness even after having two children.

Maybe I should go dancing as well – be right back, watching some Regine Tolentino dance videos.

2. Gretchen Barretto


The sophisticated La Greta is still as youthful as her younger days despite being in the 40s. Also, she’d rather wear nothing at all than wearing cheap underwear!

3. Vina Morales


A proud Cebuana, Vina Morales gave birth to a healthy baby girl in 2009. At 38, she is still as sexy as her singing voice.

4. Giselle Toengi


Her morena complexion is her most valuable asset. G Toengi is an actress, model, VJ and host. Did I mention that she also dances?

5. Pops Fernandez


The Concert Queen is divorced from Martin Nievera. Look Martin how she is now! She’s sexier than ever!

6. Charlene Gonzales – Muhlach


A former beauty queen, she’s even more blooming today than her Binibining Pilipinas days. At the age of 40, she has two children with Aga Muhlach.

7. Aubrey Miles


Living up to her career as a sexy actress, Aubrey quit showbiz but still appears hot n’ sexy in FHM even though now that she’s a family woman.

8. Jennylyn Mercado


Why do guys just throwaway her sexiness? Her two failed relationships left her a single mom with her five year-old boy. Having appeared in FHM after having a child, it’s a proof that Jennylyn hasn’t lost her alluring beauty.

9. Lucy Torres – Gomez


The way she dances and moves her body makes the world turn slow. Her notable white skin and dazzling smile are among her most valuable assets, and it’s no wonder why Richard Gomez was captivated.

10. Dawn Zulueta


She was still hotly received by fans when she went back to acting.

Dawn Zulueta was Richard Gomez’s sweetheart, but he chose Lucy. But that doesn’t mean Lucy is hotter than her, she still remains one of the most beautiful showbiz personalities despite already having a family.

Shoutout to Kris Aquino – her beauty is just too uh, um to qualify in this list.

Is your favorite showbiz mom not included in this list?

Just post it in the comments and I’ll add it next time.